Swimming Pool Games Your Kids May Not Have Played Before

Swimming Pool Games

Whether you are out in the park or the shared pool of your neighborhood park, pool activities can bring together different families, and their kids can make way for some thrill. The ideas will enhance and help kids have a fun and jolly time. Some of the most iconic pool activities are an inflatable ring toss and a round of volleyball. Pool games aren’t just exciting for kids, but adults can also be a part of it and cherish the beautiful moments they spent together.

Some of the exciting games to play in a pool are:

Hit the Bowing head- If you want to start with a bang, then this game is your best bet, as this game will get everyone inflamed. In this game, someone needs to stand in the middle of the pool with a pool noodle or soft paddle. Other players have to stand surrounding the one holding the ball or smooth paddle. If anyone’s head bobs up, the player in the middle needs to biff it with the paddle. Think Whack A Mole in a pool!

Tag Team attack- You can join in along with the grown-up kids if you feel you are left-out. In this game, at least ten to twenty players are needed. Under this game, while the kids push other kids on someone else’s shoulder and make them fall inside the pool, they need to be hoisted by not only the adults but also the grown-up kids. The winner pair is the one that makes it till the end.

Call and response fun- There is nothing more dramatic than finding your friends in the pool when you are blindfolded. In this game, at least eight to ten members. Of all the players, only one has to decide and is blindfolded while others surround him. Every time the blindfolded player screams “MARCO,” the rest of the players have to yell “POLO.” Meanwhile, the other players have to gauge their distance, and the blindfolded player needs to find all players as well as catch them.

Treasure hunt- You don’t need a huge pool to play this game. Even the young kids play this game at a home pool too.  Five to ten players are required to play this game. You have to hide a variety of objects at the base of the lake. All the players have to wear swimming shades and dive into the pool, searching for the hidden objects.


Pool Volleyball- You can get the thrill of difficult catches if you use the water not only to dive but also to lean. In this game, at least four to six players are needed. You can either use volleyball or basketball. Like the usual volleyball games, you need to pass the ball from the other side and pass it back by hitting it or catch it.

Mr. Shark ‘s Dinner time- To play this game, at least ten players are needed, it will enhance the fun if more members join the game. One player has to stand at the end of the pool, facing away from the water like a shark. While other kids stand at some distance from a shark in the pool for some time. As the shark can turn around anytime, the kids then have to stop moving. The player that touches the other player first wins the game.

Scavenger Race- Though this game is a variation of a treasure hunt, the only thing different in this game is that it has a pressure of a ticking clock. From five to ten members can play this game. You have to put together some plastic sticks, and the players can stand at the edges of the pool. You have to throw sticks in the center of the lake and let the players rush to collect them. The winner is not only the one who gets the maximum amount of sticks but also gets them soonest.

Whirlpool creation- You can tone down the competition among the players with this group game as the game offers relaxation. To play this game, you need at least ten to twenty players. In this game, all the players have to move fast and fast while they stand in a circle and walk clockwise. This activity will create a whirlpool in the center.  

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Octopus Attack- The longer you play this game, the thrill also increases. It would be best if ten or more players are playing this game. One player stands in the center of the pool while others try to cross the lake. If one person touches another player, they have to join the player standing in the center to make the octopus grow big.

Ice-cream-  The fun is not compromised even though you won’t be eating ice-cream in the pool. You need more than ten players to make this game more interesting. Whenever one player touches the other player, he or she has to freeze wherever they are, until some player reaches them. The “it” player cannot feel an underwater player.

Ping Pong Catch- You can take advantage of ping pong balls by making a new water game. Five to ten players can play this game. All the players can stand on the edge of the pool. You have to throw ping pong balls in various areas of the lake, and all players have to swim and catch the balls. The winner is the one who finds the maximum number of shots.

Find the bottle- It might seem easy when you hear the name, but as you start playing, it gets tricky. Five to ten players can play this game. You need to fill a transparent bottle with water. While the kids look away, you have to throw the bottle in the pool. The one who finds the bottle is the winner of the game.

The best thing about having a pool is that you can use it anytime of the year irrespective of summers or winters. You can play some amazing weekend party for your children friends and these exciting games that will create beautiful summer memories for your little ones.​


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