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hasselback potatoes

You are probably asking yourself what is a Hasselback Potato?

A Hasselback potato is a type of baked potato that is sliced into thin strips, similar to the way that hasselback potatoes are prepared. The slices are then topped with cheese, bacon, and other toppings, before being baked until golden brown.

Hasselback potatoes are named after the Swedish restaurant where they were invented, Hasselbacken. They have become popular in recent years as a way to dress up a simple baked potato, and they can be served as a side dish or a main course.

Now you are asking yourself why is SwagGrabber telling me about them?

Well we recently discovered these delectable little treats and attempted to make one. Boy was that hard! Then we realized there are handy little tools to help you create these awesome things so we did a quick roundup of the best Hassleback cutters.

Another cool thing about these is that you can use them to cut just about any hard vegetable too like carrots, zucchini, and more!  Enjoy!
hasselback potato guide


RSVP International Hasselback Potato Guide, One size, Black

Price: $10.16

A great little device. Beats using two wooden spoons to do this (one on either side of the potato that prevents the knife from slicing all the way through). There is a ridge on the base that prevents this. And there is a guide that you push into the potato that will give you even slices. Very innovative, easy to clean, and the guide stores under the plate. If you are into Hasselback potatoes, this is the unit to get.

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potato cutter


Hasselback Potato Cutter

Price: $14.42

Carving aid for Hasselback potatoes, vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, and many more. Ideal for perfect and steady slices. Thanks to the “cut-stop” function, the knife does not quite cut through. On the top edge, all five slats a shorter one facilitates the counting. Wide nubs on the contact surface ensure a secure hold of the material to be cut.

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potato cutting board

Scanwood Beechwood Swedish Hasselback Potato Cutting Board

Price: $16.29

ScanWood Beech Wood Series Swedish Hasselback Potato Cutting Board Designed in Denmark. Made by Nature All Scanwood products are produced from sustainable European sources. Creating an eco friendly product with no carbon footprint ScanWood designs and produces elegant wooden kitchen utensils and gift items, made from beech, olivewood, and maple.

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potato slicing rack bake


Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack-Bake or Grill Potatoes In Your Kitchen or BBQ

Price: $12.99

Baked or grilled Hasselback potatoes are a crispier, flavorful alternative to baked potatoes. Potatoes are cut into thin slices partway through the potato so that slices are held together at the base of the potato. Hasselback potatoes cook faster and can also be loaded with your favorite baked potato toppings. This Hasselback Potato Rack will help you achieve perfectly spaced cuts without accidentally slicing through the entire spud. Place your potato on the wooden dish, pushing it onto the nails in the center so that your potato is held in place. Use your knife to make cuts through the stainless steel guide wires. When you’re done, slide the cutting guide off & cook your prepared potato with your favorite recipe.

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potato slicer

RSVP International Hasselback Potato Slicer  

Price $10.16

RSVP strives to offer quality kitchen products and cooking tools at competitive prices. Our Hasselback potato slicing guide is a perfect example. A Hasselback potato is simply a baked potato cut into thin slices almost down to the bottom resulting in a crispy, golden outside and a soft creamy inside. Cut in between the guides to the top edge of the tray. Fan open the potato, fill with desired toppings and bake.

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