Tips & Tricks for Transitioning Kids Back Into School

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It’s almost back to school time for the kiddos. I think there is usually two types of kids when it comes to going back to school, on one hand you have the kid that is so excited to go back and can’t wait any longer, and on the other hand you have the kid that is absolutely hating the fact that they have to go back to their lovely life of school.

Either way, here is a few tips that I have found to be helpful when it comes to having to send your kiddos back to school!

Get them on a regular sleep schedule:

I would say starting about two weeks before the kiddos have to go back to school start getting them on a schedule to go to bed earlier so that they can wake up earlier and be prepared for their school schedule that they will soon have to be starting once again.

You might find that it’s helpful to set an alarm for yourself to remind you when it’s time to start getting your kids ready for bed so that you can stick to the schedule.

If your kids are used to staying up later during summer break, then gradually start moving their bedtime earlier by 15-30 minutes each night until you reach the desired time.

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Set up a school schedule:

Make a plan with your kids about what time they will get up and set up certain times designated for doing homework and then for eating dinner, taking showers and getting ready for bed. Getting them on a regular schedule will help to get the kids back into the swing of things and make the going back to school process a bit easier on them.

As the first day of school approaches, start following the schedule more strictly so that they can become adjusted to the new routine.

On the first day of school, wake them up at the time they will need to be up for school, get them dressed and fed and then send them off with a positive attitude!

Give them small assignments:

If you haven’t already give your kids math problems and give them books to read so they won’t be completely lost when they go back to school. I have been using Bridge Books all summer hoping to keep my kiddo sharp!

If you have younger kids, use your free printable library to give them easy assignments!

Get them excited for school:

Make sure to assure that school is a good thing and that it is fun and they will love it. A couple things you can do to make them excited for school is to get them a back pack, folders, and notebooks that are their favorite colors or even that have some of their favorite characters on them! I used to love picking out my school supplies when it came time to go back to school and I know it definitely made me excited to go back to school.

Read Back to School Books to Get Kids Excited.

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Give them one last hurrah:

To make them a bit more okay with going back to school, take them on their last day of Summer to do something really fun. Whether that may be having a small party with all their friends to celebrate Summer, or taking them to an amusement park for a fun filled day, or whatever they may consider a really fun day. It will not only make them appreciate the Summer more, but it will wear them out and they will get a good night’s sleep before they have to get up for school the next day!

Make Back to School Apple Marshmallow Pops!

We’ve all been kids at one point in time and I know we have all dreaded going back to school. If you have kids to send back to school shortly, then I hope these tips will help to make them a bit more cooperative and excited for going back to school. I hope this helps you all out, because they have certainly helped me!

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