Ways To Save Money On School Supplies Without Coupons


Ways To Save Money On School Supplies Without Coupons

As back to school fast approaches, these ways to save money on school supplies without coupons will come in handy. While you want to give your kids everything they ask for, it can really get expensive fast. These hand tips will help you to cut costs without spending hours clipping coupons. Coupons are great, and if you have time do use them. However, buys moms often need to save money on school supplies without going the extra mile.

Stock upon clearance office supplies throughout the year.

This is one of those suggestions that you have to plan in advance for. Even if you haven’t done so this year, you can put this into action now. You don’t need coupons to get great deals on clearance supplies. The best deals are often found post holidays with things like pencils, erasers, notebooks and stickers being marked a 50%-75% off. Alternately, you can get into the habit of checking the clearance bins year round at office supply and discount stores for random things that may come in handy for school season. Make sure to watch our school supplies section for awesome deals throughout the year!

Take advantage of no sales tax weekends.

Many states have adopted a weekend near back to school season to create a no sales tax event on any school supplies. This includes not just books, pens and paper but clothing and some electronics like laptops. This is a great time to grab tons of items at a lower out of pocket costs. Check our Tax-Free Weekend List to see when your state is participating.

Buy simple products and customize yourself.

Sadly, the same 3 ring binder or spiral notebook with a pop star on the cover can cost upwards of $2-$5 more than the basic solid colored ones that run on sale for under $1 each during back to school season. When your kids ask for the specialty variety, buy plain ones and decorate them yourself for a fraction of the cost. Book covers, locker supplies, pens and pencils as well as spiral notebooks can all easily be customized with markers, paint or magazine cut outs attached.

Sign up for store discount or rewards programs.

Office supply and electronics stores almost always have a special discount program. Sign up online to get emails about special sales and events so you know when to show up to get the best deals. In some cases, the more you spend the more you earn. That means you can spend throughout he year as needed, and potentially earn enough to pay for an upcoming purchase for back to school season.

Invest in quality.

While your initial investment is higher, you can ultimately save money on school supplies without coupons by investing in quality up front. Things like a sturdy backpack and better solid quality binders will last all year long, and potentially into the next year creating more room in your budget for items like pencils and paper that are used up faster. Backpacks go for $10-$15 on sale, but often if used regularly you will find they don’t last more than half the school year. Invest in a quality brand (Swiss Gear makes great high quality durable backpacks) that will last for years.

These ways to save money on school supplies are simple and easy for anyone to manage. From decorating items yourself, to simply taking advantage of clearance prices year round, you can easily save money without having to clip tons of coupons to do so.


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