3 Ways to Save on Automobile Insurance

Many costs come with operating a car. Fuel costs get a lot of attention, especially with prices at the pumps increasing consistently, but car insurance is one of the largest regular expenses that come with operating a vehicle that frequently gets overlooked. If you are really looking at cutting expenses, this is a great place to start!

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Many years ago I worked in insurance. I was always amazed at how often people overpaid. Here are three simple ways you can save on your policy every year, to help put more of your own money in your pocket.

Shop Around For The Best Deal

Too many people simply renew their existing car insurance policy without shopping around to find out what else is out there. Your current supplier will usually push up the cost of your car insurance a little when it should be coming down. No matter what type of policy you are looking for, you should do some careful research online to see if you can find a better level of coverage at a better price.

The Hartford offers some excellent rates on premium policies too, including car insurance policies in Ohio. They can help anyone make big savings on their car insurance costs. Whether you are looking for Ohio car insurance or insurance anywhere else, you should get a quote from The Hartford to see how much you could save.

There are hundreds of companies offering insurance now and each state has different programs. If you have an insurance agent call them and tell them you want several quotes on your car insurance. If you don’t tell them to shop it, they won’t. Don’t forget this will work for your homeowners insurance as well!

Here are a few other places to start….

Also make sure to check with any groups you are a member of. Some offer great discounts like USAA, and schools!

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Smart Tech For Smart Savings

You can save on your insurance costs with the help of technology. Many insurers will discount your rates if you have approved cameras installed on your vehicle to record the events leading up to an accident. Having the dashcams recording the front and back views from your car can help identify who was at fault in the event of an accident.

Many accidents are recorded as ‘no fault’ accidents, as proving liability can be difficult. Even if someone rear-ends your car, you may still have difficulty proving it was their fault. Making a claim on their insurance policy for damages and even injury can be difficult. Camera footage can be used to prove negligent driving and help you to make a claim against another driver’s insurance rather than your own.

A lot of companies have programs now that will track your phone too to save you money. Simply upload their app and the better you drive the more you save!

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Choose The Right Level Of Coverage

Some people are paying too much for their car insurance because they have more coverage than they need. If you do not drive your car often, or live in a suburban neighborhood, you could reduce your insurance costs by reducing your coverage. Most people only need a policy that includes collision coverage, bodily insurance, and property damage liability.

Depending on where you live, comprehensive insurance may be overkill. This type of insurance will cover you for acts of vandalism, which are rare, and for weather damage. If you live in an area where freak weather events like storms or hurricanes are very rare occurrences, if they happen at all. This type of auto insurance coverage may be unnecessary and will cost you money without giving you any benefits.

Use one or more of these tips to help reduce your regular car insurance costs. With the prices of vehicles and gasoline constantly increasing, drivers need to do everything they can to save money on their vehicles. Insurance is a great candidate for this. Finding a better policy at a cheaper price every year helps put more money back in your pocket to spend on other things, like vacations or gifts.

While I worked in insurance it has been many years and I am no longer licensed so I am not giving you advice just trying to make you think about your insurance!

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