6 Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies

6 Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies

6 Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies

Creating beautiful crafts is a fun way to spend your time but buying supplies to make those creations can really add up. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be a crafter. Follow these 6 Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies to save a ton!

Use Coupons

If you love crafting, chances are you’re shopping at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Jo-Ann Fabrics. If you’re not using coupons at these popular craft stores, you’re leaving money on the table. These stores regularly offer customers 40% to 50% off their purchase. You can easily download coupons from each of these store’s websites. Sign up for the store’s e-newsletter to get even more coupons sent directly to your email.

You can also check out our Coupon Codes page for printable coupons to all of the above mention stores!

Shop at the Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is an amazing place to find basic craft supplies, pretty seasonal items, and fun kids craft supplies. The best way to make the most of the dollar store’s craft selection is to check out their offerings before heading to other stores. You never know what your store will have in stock, so it’s best to grab what you need if they have it and buy the rest of your supplies somewhere else.

Buy Out of Season

Stock up on holiday themed and seasonal supplies for next year by buying items on clearance after the holiday has passed. Christmas items typically go on sale in late December or early January. Purchase fall supplies in December or Spring supplies in the early summer. And don’t forget to hit up the back to school clearance as soon as the kids head back to school.

Check the Dollar Spot

If you need seasonal craft supplies in season, head to Target to check out the Dollar Spot. You can find tons of trendy craft items in this section of the store, which often features items from $1 to $3. You can score an even better deal by using your Target REDcard and checking the Cartwheel app for additional coupons.

Host a Supply Swap

Got some crafting friends? Host a supply swap where everyone can bring the items they don’t need anymore and trade for new stuff. Fun way to get new supplies without spending any money AND having fun with friends!

Buy Used

Check local garage sales and Facebook swap and shop sites for local crafters looking to unload their extra supplies. You can find a ton of great supplies for a fraction of the price if you’re up for a little bargain hunting. In addition to looking online for items people are selling, you can also post ISO (in search of) specific items you’re looking for. Chances are, someone has what you’re looking for lying in a closet somewhere collecting dust. I bet they’d be happy for you to take some of their old craft supplies off their hands!

Hopefully these 6 Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies will help you save a ton!

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