Free Fish or Chicken at Long John Silver’s on September 19

long john fish basket

On Tuesday, September 19 you can get a free piece of fish or chicken when you talk like a pirate at Long John Silver’s. If you dress like a pirate you can get a free 2 piece Fish or Chicken Basket.


About Talk Like a Pirate Day

“Talk Like a Pirate Day” is an informal and humorous holiday celebrated on September 19th each year. It encourages people to engage in playful and exaggerated imitation of pirate speech and mannerisms for fun and entertainment.

  1. Origin: Talk Like a Pirate Day was created by John Baur and Mark Summers, two friends from Albany, Oregon, in 1995. They came up with the idea while playing a game of racquetball and decided to create a fun and lighthearted holiday.
  2. Date: The chosen date, September 19th, was Mark Summer’s ex-wife’s birthday. They decided on this date without any particular significance other than it being memorable.
  3. Pirate Speak: On Talk Like a Pirate Day, participants are encouraged to adopt pirate language and vocabulary, using phrases such as “Ahoy, matey!” “Avast, ye!” “Shiver me timbers!” and “Arrr!” They may also affect a pirate accent and mannerisms for added amusement.
  4. Dressing Up: Some people choose to dress up as pirates on this day, wearing eye patches, bandanas, tricorn hats, and other pirate-themed accessories.
  5. Celebrations: While Talk Like a Pirate Day is not an official holiday and not widely recognized, it has gained popularity over the years, particularly on social media and among certain groups and communities. Some businesses and restaurants may offer special promotions or discounts to customers who participate.

It’s important to note that Talk Like a Pirate Day is not a serious holiday and should be enjoyed in the spirit of playfulness and humor. It has become a quirky and enjoyable tradition for those who like to add a bit of pirate flair to their day and share a laugh with friends and colleagues.

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