Fun Uses for Boxes **Indoor Activities**

cardboard boxesFun Uses for Boxes

Seems like schools all over the country are closing. Thought I would repost this to help you keep the kiddos entertained!

If you have a kid (or a cat) you know just how much joy a simple cardboard box can bring. But there are so many fun things to do with them besides just hiding inside or pushing it around like a sled. So the next time you get a new refrigerator, or someone moves into the apartment next door save the cardboard boxes. Then try one of these fun uses for boxes for hours of free play.

Build a Fort
Aside from throwing a blanket over it and crawling inside, there are a ton of ways to bling out your cardboard box fort. Using a utility knife (make sure the kids are safely out of the way, of course) cut in windows and doors. String up Christmas lights on the inside for ambiance or hang up a small battery operated camping lantern for light. Let your kids go to town decorating the outside with stickers, marker, washi tape and contact paper. They’ll love it!

Call the Media
Large boxes for furniture or appliances make awesome TV sets. Cut a big square out of the front and color the outside to look like a television. Kids love to climb inside and act out their own talk shows and news programs. For even more fun, create a video of their productions and play it back so they can see themselves on screen.

Design a Dollhouse
Small boxes make fantastic doll houses, and the design possibilities are endless. Using scissors, glue, washi tape, paint, markers, paper scraps and fabric, create wallpaper, curtains, carpet and miniature art. Smaller boxes can be taped together to create a whole house full of rooms – each with their own decor. Make your own dolls out of cardboard, or borrow some from the toy box for hours of imaginary play.

Create a Car Ramp

If you’ve got a roll of duct tape, kraft paper, and some cardboard boxes, you have everything you need to create a car ramp for matchbox style cars. Use heavy paper or strips of cardboard for the roadway, and tape them to the boxes at varying angles to create ramps and jumps. Hold contests to see who can jump their cars the highest and races to test your routes. You’ll keep them busy and make great memories, all while spending next to nothing!

Build a Robot
Who wants to pay big bucks to build a stuffed animal, when you could build a robot instead? Use small boxes, paper towel tubes, straws, twist ties and duct tape to create your own pretend miniature robot. Or use bigger boxes and create a robot costume. Practice using your best robot voice, and don’t forget to teach them the dance moves!

These are really just a few of the fun uses for boxes. With a little imagination and creativity, a cardboard box really can be turned into almost anything – tunnels, a spaceship, or model cars. All of these activities use simple items that you probably already have around the house. The best part is, it’s an inexpensive way to have fun and help your kids to use their imagination and think outside the box.

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fun uses for cardboard boxes


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