Abbreviations Associated with Walgreens:

RR: Register Rewards
IVC: Instant Value Coupon
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What are Register Rewards (RR)?

Register Rewards are coupons that print out at the end of a transaction.  They can be used like cash on a future transaction.  You will only get one register reward per transaction and not per qualifying item.  So, if your store allows it, try to break up your purchases.  i.e.  Irish Spring Soap is on sale for $2.89 and you will receive $2 RR at the end of the transaction.  Well even if you buy 3 packages of Irish Spring soap, you will still only get $2 RR unless your store allows you to purchase each package of soap separately so that you will get a $2 RR after each purchase, equaling $6 in RRs.

RRs do have expiration dates.  So make sure to file them so you don’t forget to use them.

There is no chance to make money on a transaction.  If your RR and or coupons exceeds the total amount of the purchase price, you will not receive money back or a credit.  You will simply receive the item for free

The number of coupons allowed in a transaction must not exceed the number of item being purchased.  This includes manufacturer coupons as well as RRs.

If you return an item, the RRs that were accrued for that purchase are then void.

If you purchase an item (on the same promotion for which you received RRs prior) and you are going to use RRs to buy it, you will not receive more RRs.

How do I know which items qualify for RRs?

You will find which items are on promotion by browsing Walgreen’s weekly flyer and often on the product’s purchase price (in a box outlined in red) in the store.  However, it is helpful to carry the flyer around the store with you as you shop to make sure you aware of all the products qualifying for RRs.  Sometimes there are unadvertised items that qualify for RRs.  Just keep an eye out for the box outlined in red by the product’s purchase price.

Items for which you cannot use RRs to purchase are as listed:  tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions, lottery tickets, dairy products, money orders, transportation passes, stamps, gift cards, prepaid cards, special event/entertainment tickets, prescription club memberships, healthcare services i.e. immunizations, or any product prohibited by law.

What are Instant Value Coupons?

Instant Value Coupons are coupons that qualify for instant savings at check-out.

Where can I find IVCs?

IVCs can be found in the weekly flyer.  You will see the box outlined in red again and you will see the product’s price minus the IVC and then the final price.

What is an EasySaver Catalog?

Most consumers don’t even know about this as they only grab the Weekly Flyer as they walk into their local Walgreens. The EasySaver Catalog looks more like a pamphlet and usually sits just below the weekly flyer on the stand. If you can’t find yours, check with the cashier.

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