Keto Friendly Loaded Baked Potato

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Keto Friendly Loaded Baked Potato

Ahhh no such thing right?? Wrong!

Trying out this Keto thing and unfortunately the two things I want the most – potatoes and pasta – aren’t allowed. Bummer right? Why is it the things you love the most are usually not good for you 🙁

I am not strict Keto just digging the recipes that have been popping up and trying to cut carbs. I have been finding new ways to make Keto friendly meals that still taste great to me. I just stumbled across a good one!

Keto Friendly Loaded Baked Potato (or whatever you want to call it – couldn’t think of a better name lol). It’s a loaded baked potato made out of radishes and it is actually really good! I was surprised how much boiled radishes taste like potato and this is a super easy meal to make!


  • Radishes – handful for each serving
  • Baked potato toppings of your choice – I did bacon, butter, cheese, and chives but you can do anything you want!


  1. Peel the radishes – just take off green and red parts. Should be all white little bulbs
  2. Boil in water with a dash of salt for about 10 minutes.
    NOTE – They are done when the insides are translucent – if you still see white (like this) keep cooking!Keto Friendly Loaded Baked Potato
  3. Drain and put in a food processor
  4. Add butter, salt, and sour cream (if desired)
  5. High speed for about a minute – if you want creamier, do longer
  6. Poor in a bowl and top
  7. Microwave for 30 seconds to melt cheese if necessary


Keto Friendly Loaded Baked Potato

Disclaimer – I am not a nutritionist and don’t claim to be. I am just playing around with recipes and sharing what I find I like 🙂

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