50% off the New Kroger Meal Delivery Service Tempo – Meals from $2.49 Each!

tempo meal delivery

Home Chef, a subsidiary of Kroger, has introduced Tempo, a brand-new ready-to-heat meal service. Tempo presents convenient single-serve, microwaveable meals that are prepared in minutes and feature nutrient-rich ingredients. Discover the ease and speed of Tempo’s delicious dinners!

Enjoy a 50% discount on your initial order and receive 20% off your subsequent month. With meal prices starting at $2.49 per serving, Tempo’s ready-made meals can be prepared in just 3 minutes too!


Are you curious about the menu options at Tempo? Check out some of the options for next week…

tempo meals

Say goodbye to the mess, hassle, and cleanup – Tempo is the ideal solution for those pressed for time, providing quality meals ready in minutes.


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