Waffle Iron Challenge: Attempt 2 Ham, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

In case you don’t know, I am challenging myself to see how many items I can make in a waffle maker (or iron – whatever you call it). I won’t be doing this everyday but every few days. It takes a while to come up with ideas, cook, and make the pictures all pretty!

Since I LOVE breakfast sandwiches, I had to try one of the waffle maker.  It is actually extremely easy to make an egg, ham, and cheese sandwich in a waffle maker with minimal clean up. Gotta love having a hot breakfast in under 2 minutes!


Ham, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

Gather the ingredients: one egg, a little milk, ham, cheese, and two slices of bread.  Preheat the waffle maker and spray it with a little non-stick spray. I find it cleans a lot easier if you do.  Don’t spray too much though or you will end up with a greasy mess. I use setting 4 on my Waring and it works great. Yours might be a little different depending on your iron.

Beat the egg and pour it into the waffle maker. Shut the lid and cook for about 60 seconds.  DO NOT FLIP THE WAFFLE MAKER. Trust me on this one, I learned quickly that the egg will run out of the sides and it makes a big ol mess!

While the egg is cooking, place the ham and cheese on the bread.  I used monterey jack because I like it spicy!  By the way – I LOVE this cheese grater! I received it as a gift and it is so easy to use!

Once the egg is cooked, place it on the sandwich with the ham and cheese. Then take the whole sandwich and place it on the waffle iron. I try to get it right in the middle because it makes pretty waffle marks and makes it easier to cut in the halves or quarters.

Cook the sandwich for about 60 seconds. This of course will depend on your waffle maker and how high you have it set. If you open it and it isn’t toasted yet, just shut it for another 20 seconds until it is perfect.  Remove it and enjoy!

Have an idea for something or know of something we can cook in a waffle iron – post a comment!