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For the Newbies

Welcome to SwagGrabber!

Hi I am Sheri and I run this crazy place. I am so happy you have found my little site and I hope you will stick around. If you are new here I am sure you are a little confused by everything so I thought I would give you one place to find everything you need to be able to use my site and start to LOVE it! I spend allday everyday finding the best instore and online deals available…not too mention a whole lot of free stuff. Ask anyone who uses my site and they will tell you…I am pretty good at it ;)

Below are some resources to get you going. Be patient, saving money and learning how to do all of this takes time, but the rewards are well worth it. I love to help so if you have any questions just email me, I respond to each one pretty quick. Have Fun!

SwagGrabber Resources
I have put together a document to explain where everything is and what is included in the site, click HERE to read it. Also alot of the deals I find are short lived, either the items go quick or the retailers pull the offer once the realized they are giving away stuff for free (yes this does happen!). So to make sure you don’t miss anything I have several features to help you stay up to the minute on what is happening here. The first thing you must do is sign up for email updates, look at the top right side bar and you will see where to sign up.

Another big one is the chat room (click HERE to learn more), pretty much all day everyday there are people hanging out in the chat room so if you ever have any questions, feel free to drop in and ask, they are very friendly and will be happy to help!

There are tons of other fun stuff here as well, click HERE for all the SwagGrabber features!

If you are new to using coupons you must read a series of articles we put together called “the crash course” (click HERE), it is designed to give you a pretty good understanding of how to use coupons and how to maximize your savings in the shortest amount of time. There are five parts to it so make sure to read them all!

Entire Series….
Part 1 – Couponing Think Big Start Small – click HERE to read Part 1
Part 2 – Price Points & How to Find Coupons – click HERE to read Part 2
Part 3 – The Illusive Foreign Language of Couponing – click HERE to read Part 3
Part 4 – Coupon Organization – click HERE to read Part 4
Part 5 = Your First Shopping Trip – click HERE to read Part 5

Here are a bunch of articles to help you on your saving way!!!
CVS 101
Rite Aid 101
Coupon Basics – If you just don’t get it – read this!

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