FREE 30 Day Walmart+ Trial New Accounts

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WOW if you have been wanting to try Walmart+, now is the time! For a VERY limited time, you can snag a Walmart + 30 Day Trial Membership for FREE!!!

They don’t offer this very often so make sure to take advantage now!


Here are the benefits of this membership…

  1. Unlimited Free Delivery: Members could get unlimited free delivery on eligible items from Walmart stores to their doorstep. This could include groceries, household essentials, electronics, and more, depending on availability.
  2. Member Prices on Fuel: Members could save money on fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations. They could access member-only prices and potentially save a few cents per gallon.
  3. Mobile Scan & Go: This feature allowed members to scan items as they shopped in a physical Walmart store using the Walmart app. They could pay through the app and avoid the checkout line.
  4. Same-Day Delivery: In select areas, members could enjoy same-day delivery on groceries and other eligible items. This could be convenient for those who needed items quickly.
  5. No Order Minimum: There was no minimum order requirement for the free delivery benefit. Members could order even a single item and have it delivered for free, provided it was eligible.
  6. Member Exclusive Deals: Walmart+ members could get access to exclusive deals and discounts on a range of products.
  7. Preferred Pharmacy Access: Members could receive discounts on prescription medications not covered by insurance at Walmart pharmacies.

All of this for only $12.95/month or $98/year!


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