Thames & Kosmos Nano Technology Science Experiment Kit Just $42 **66% Off**

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Some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in recent years involve things that are ACTUALLY very, very small. The science of nanotechnology deals with the smallest structures, in the range of one to 100 nanometers in size. That’s as small as just a few atoms in a row (one Atom corresponds to about one nanometer)! with this kit, The intangible, nanosomic world becomes accessible with hands-on experiments using both scaled-up models and real nanomaterials.

Nanoparticle can be made of different materials and exist in a wide variety of forms -thin layers, tubes, balls, and tree-like structures. These particles can be coated onto surfaces, They can enhance other materials such as paint, They can be used as a delivery method for pharmaceuticals in the body, and much more. Specific applications include, for example, self-cleaning h


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