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HolidayGiveawayBelow is a list of the winners of the SwagGrabber Holiday Giveaway. If you haven’t entered yet, make sure to go here to learn how to enter!

If your name is below, email admin@swaggrabber.com to claim your prize. Prizes will be emailed out daily so please allow 24-48 hours to receive your prize.

11/13 Winners:

Jeff (jeffintennessee@)
Suzanne Sweeps
Collette Paugh
Danielle Cromer Trautman

11/14 Winners:

Sylvia (junque.email@)
Sherri Scott
Debbie Elderkin
Dawne Wylie Babcock

11/15 Winners:

Beth (canacc10@)
Marion Gasiorek
Katie Linden
Stacey Foyler

11/18 Winners:

Kristen (peace.momma@)
Erica Lanier Kok
Jennifer Hodgkiss
Danielle Cromer Trautman

11/18 Bonus $35 Amazon gift card: Joy Stokes
11/18 Bonus $15 Amazon gift card: Stacy Marie
11/18 Bonus $10 Amazon gift card: Rhonda Best

11/19 Winners:

Jennie (jennie.hanson@)
Suzy Rogers
Jenna Blades
Jody Williams

11/20 Winners:

Sue (auntmooo@)
Jill Mulligan
Deidre Gaiser Dempsey
Mandy Curtis

11/21 Winners:

Rosario (frankormsby@)
Tameka Downing
Brook Shire
Mindy Montoya

11/22 Winners:

Danielle (rqballporter@)
Carolyn Hoffman Loesch
Trinidad Thacker
Melissa Burns

11/25 Winners:

Sandra (keavenysandra@)
Alyson Burch Reuter
Sundrial Stewart
Leslie Hensley Boyd

11/25 Bonus $30 Amazon gift card winner: Kalli Singleton
11/25 Bonus $10 Amazon gift card winner: Nicole Keiffer
11/25 Bonus $10 Amazon gift card winner: Danielle Cromer Trautman

11/26 Winners:

Allison (allygann730@)
Bentley Fox
Kelley Miranda
Stephanie Reid

11/28 Winners:

Sue Ellen (hawnsueellen@)
Tambra Coons
Kristen Kiple
Jill Lagon

BONUS $20 gift card winner: April Cutchins

BONUS $10 gift card winner: Richelle Leffler
BONUS $10 gift card winner: Marion Gasiorek
BONUS $10 gift card winner: Adrian Arcand

12/3 Winners:

Nora (suzyq2@)
Morah Carey Chowning
Emily Holt
Danielle Smith

12/4 Winners:

Janice (jlkgmk@)
David Lampley
Effie Cassa
Lisa Wood Van Etten

BONUS $5 gift card winner: Bridgette Dutton Brooker

12/5 Winners:

Rosario (frankormsby@)
Caitlin Durbin
Hero Babie
Twila Henry

12/6 Winners:

Janice (jlkgmk@)
Sara Cloutier
Jon Craver Jr.
KCgrl Kyle

12/7 BONUS $25 gift card winner: Ashley Ann White
12/7 BONUS $25 gift card winner: April King

12/9 Winners:

Jeet ( jeet78@)
Melissa G.
Melody Keb
Jennifer Hissa-Satterfield

12/9 Bonus $15 Amazon gift card: Dawn Redden
12/9 Bonus $5 Amazon gift card: Meghan Carew
12/9 Bonus $5 Amazon gift card: Tammy Herring

12/10 Winners:

Daphne (auntiedap@)
Sara Ferguson
Katie Korpan
Kimberly L. Towler

12/11 Winners:

Krystal (krystaldickinson@)
Megan Nunez
Nicole Scott
Dawn Redden

12/12 Winners:

Doris (doris-sloan@)
Stacey Waddell
Sheryln Vega
MaRrion Deutsch

12/13 Winners:

Arlinda (greeniejoey@)
Dani Martinez
Shawnda Urie
Cosmos Plus

12/16 Winners:

Janice (jlkgmk@)
Amanda Kuburic
Jennifer Towns
Sarah Jolley Browning

12/16 Bonus $20 Amazon gift card: Ashley Ann White
12/16 Bonus $5 Amazon gift card: Stacey Waddell
12/16 Bonus $5 Amazon gift card: Lori Yirrell

12/17 Winners:

Lisa (melodee054@)
Tina Louise
Lisa Pranger
Danielle Cromer Trautman

12/18 Winners:

Liz (lizard2412@)
Aubrey Marie
Mary A. Kelly
Brook Shire

12/19 Winners:

Doris (doris-sloan@)
Crystal Lane
Bentley Fox
Nicole Ochoa

12/20 Winners:

Karen (anayamia22@)
Laura Lee Adams
Morgan Fischer
Clare Hemmer

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