Over 300 Halloween Sayings for Signs for 2024

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Looking to conjure up some bewitching Halloween sayings for your signs? Look no further! We’ve got a cauldron full of ideas to inspire your creativity. From funny and spooky to witchy and more, our collection of Halloween sayings has something for everyone.

Whether you’re decking out your front door or transforming your yard into a haunted haven, these sign sayings are sure to add an extra dose of Halloween spirit. With an abundance of options, you can let your imagination run wild and create the perfect signs to set the spooky scene.

So grab your broomstick and dive into these wickedly delightful sayings. It’s time to unleash your creativity and make this Halloween one to remember. Get ready to cast a spell of Halloween magic with your crafty signs!

Funny Sayings Great for Printable Halloween Signs

Get ready to laugh, shriek, and cackle as we present a bewitching selection of hilarious Halloween quotes that are perfect for decorating your haunted abode. Whether you’re hosting a ghoulish gathering or simply want to spread some wickedly funny vibes, these sayings will have your guests howling with laughter. So grab your broomsticks and prepare to be amused!

  1. “I’m just here for the boos!”
  2. “If you’ve got it, haunt it!”
  3. “Witch better have my candy!”
  4. “Creepin’ it real.”
  5. “I’m just a ghost-ess with the most-ess.”
  6. “Eat, drink, and be scary!”
  7. “Trick or treat yo’ self.”
  8. “I’m here for the boos and the booze.”
  9. “I’m just here for the treats, the tricks can wait.”
  10. “Keep calm and give me candy.”
  11. “Broom parking only. All others will be toad.”
  12. “I’m too cute to spook.”
  13. “Caution: Zombies ahead. Proceed with candy.”
  14. “Eat, drink, and be scary. It’s Halloween, after all.”
  15. “I’m just a little batty.”
  16. “Fangs for the memories.”
  17. “Hocus Pocus, I need coffee to focus.”
  18. “If you’ve got it, haunt it!”
  19. “Ghouls just wanna have fun.”
  20. “Ghosts have boo-tiful souls.”
  21. “Witch way to the candy?”
  22. “This witch can be bribed with chocolate.”
  23. “I’m just here for the monster mash.”
  24. “Fright night is the new date night.”
  25. “Don’t be a basic witch.”
  26. “Keep calm and carry a broomstick.”
  27. “Witch better have my candy.”
  28. “Trick or treat yourself to something sweet.”
  29. “Goblins welcome, others will be turned into toads.”
  30. “Beware of the witches brewing mischief.”
  31. “Boo-tifully wicked.”
  32. “Happy Halloween, witches!”
  33. “I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine… for some candy!”
  34. “This is where the magic happens… and by magic, I mean candy.”
  35. “I’m too old to trick or treat, but never too old to eat all the candy.”
  36. “Beware of zombies. They’re dying to meet you.”
  37. “Candy corny jokes are my favorite Halloween treat.”
  38. “Keep calm and put a mask on… it’s Halloween!”
  39. “Beware of black cats and their bad luck… unless they bring you candy.”
  40. “I’m just a haunted hot mess.”
  41. “Ghouls just wanna have fun, especially on Halloween.”
  42. “I’m just a boo-tiful mess of candy and costumes.”
  43. “Keep calm and give me pumpkin spice everything.”
  44. “I’m the reason the cobwebs are in fashion this Halloween.”
  45. “I’m here for the candy, the costumes are just a bonus.”
  46. “Happy Halloween! Eat, drink, and be scary.”
  47. “If you can’t stir with the witches, stay away from the cauldron.”
  48. “It’s all about the candy corn and pumpkin spice vibes.”
  49. “I’m just here for the boos, I mean booze.”
  50. “Have a spooky and kooky Halloween!”
halloween candy bowl

50 funny halloween take candy signs

  1. “Free Candy: No Tricks, Just Treats!”
  2. “Candy Zone: Enter at Your Own Sweet Tooth’s Risk!”
  3. “Step Right Up for Free Candy! No Costume Required.”
  4. “Have a Boo-tiful Day! Help Yourself to Some Candy.”
  5. “Candy Appreciation Zone: Please Take One… or Five!”
  6. “Candy Giveaway: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Here!”
  7. “Trick or Treat? How About Both! Grab Some Candy!”
  8. “Warning: Candy Craze Ahead! Grab Your Share!”
  9. “Take Candy and Scare On! Happy Halloween!”
  10. “Open Sesame Candy! Take What You Wish and Enjoy.”
  11. “Free Candy Buffet: Sweeten Your Halloween!”
  12. “Candy Galore! Take a Treat, Leave a Smile.”
  13. “Candy Station: All You Need Is a Sweet Tooth.”
  14. “Candy Paradise: Indulge and Celebrate Halloween!”
  15. “Trick or Treaters Welcome! Take Candy and Spread Joy.”
  16. “Halloween Candy Extravaganza! Grab Your Share Now.”
  17. “Candy Lovers Unite: Take Your Pick and Treat Yourself.”
  18. “Candy Land Alert: Take Some Sweets and Make Memories.”
  19. “The Candy Stash Awaits! Help Yourself and Be Spook-tacular.”
  20. “Candy-o-Rama: Dig In and Let the Sugar Rush Begin!”
  21. “Candy Haven: Take What You Need to Survive Halloween.”
  22. “Free Candy Bar: It’s a Trick or Treater’s Dream!”
  23. “Candy Galore! Help Yourself and Leave with a Smile.”
  24. “Take a Scare and Grab Some Candy: Halloween Magic!”
  25. “Candy Caravan: Fill Your Bag with Spooky Delights.”
  26. “Candy Express: Take a Sweet Ride to Halloween Bliss.”
  27. “Sugar Rush Ahead! Take a Treat and Embrace the Fun.”
  28. “Free Candy Fiesta: Celebrate Halloween in Sweet Style!”
  29. “Welcome to Candy Central: Take a Piece of Halloween Joy.”
  30. “Candy Fiesta: Treat Yourself to Some Spooky Delights.”
  31. “Candy Patch: Pick Your Favorites and Savor the Flavor.”
  32. “Candy Vault: Unlock the Goodies and Enjoy the Treats.”
  33. “Candy Manor: Enter and Take a Sweet Adventure.”
  34. “Sweet Surprises Await! Grab Some Candy and Delight.”
  35. “Trick or Treat Lane: Take a Path to Candy Paradise.”
  36. “Candy Corner: Take a Turn and Pick Your Halloween Treat.”
  37. “The Great Candy Giveaway: Take a Treasure and Smile.”
  38. “Halloween Candy Central: Take Your Share of the Sweets.”
  39. “Candy Explosion: Help Yourself and Keep the Fun Rolling.”
  40. “Candy Frenzy Zone: Take What You Can Carry… If You Dare!”
  41. “Candy Castle: Enter and Find Your Perfect Sweet Escape.”
  42. “Candy Factory: Indulge in Halloween’s Sweetest Delights.”
  43. “Candy Blitz: Take a Piece and Embrace the Halloween Spirit.”
  44. “Treat Yourself: Grab a Candy and Celebrate Halloween.”
  45. “Candy Emporium: Take a Treat and Keep the Halloween Magic Alive.”
  46. “Candy Wonderland: Enter and Taste the Joy of Halloween.”
  47. “Candy Blitz Alert: Take a Treat and Share the Halloween Fun.”
  48. “Candy Oasis: Quench Your Halloween Thirst for Sweets.”
haunted house enter at your own risk

Printable Halloween party decoration signs

We hope these funny sayings bring a dose of wicked humor to your Halloween celebrations. Whether you print them on signs, banners, or juat tape them to the wall!

  1. “Beware! Enter if You Dare”
  2. “Witch Way to the Party”
  3. “Spooktacular Soirée”
  4. “Haunted House: Enter at Your Own Risk”
  5. “Creepin’ It Real”
  6. “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun”
  7. “Caution: Zombies Crossing”
  8. “Wickedly Good Time Ahead”
  9. “Ghostly Gathering in Progress”
  10. “Enter If You Dare: Haunted Party”
  11. “Potion Station: Stir Up Some Fun”
  12. “Hocus Pocus: Magic and Mischief”
  13. “Spider’s Lair: Come and Get Caught in the Fun”
  14. “Witching Hour: Where Spells and Laughter Collide”
  15. “Monster Mash Dance Party”
  16. “Fangs and Fangtastic Friends Welcome”
  17. “Boo-tiful Bash in Full Swing”
  18. “Cauldron of Fun: Brews and Booze”
  19. “Fright Night Fiesta: Join the Spooky Celebration”
  20. “Wanted: Dancing Skeletons and Howling Werewolves”
  21. “Tricks, Treats, and Halloween Eats”
  22. “Wickedly Wild Dance Floor”
  23. “Vampires Only: No Garlic Allowed”
  24. “Zombie Zone: Come Back to Life on the Dance Floor”
  25. “Cursed Carnival: Enter for Thrills and Chills”
  26. “Witchcraft and Wizardry: Enchanting Celebration Inside”
  27. “Freaky Food Fest: Sample Spooky Delights”
  28. “Enter the Graveyard: A Hauntingly Good Time Awaits”
  29. “Pumpkin Patch Party: Carve, Craft, and Create”
  30. “Bats, Cats, and Party Hats: Let the Fun Begin”
  31. “Ghosts and Goblins Gather Here”
  32. “Enter If You Dare: Enter for Frights and Delights”
  33. “Monster Ball: Where Creatures of the Night Unite”
  34. “Wicked Welcome: Enter the Realm of Halloween”
  35. “Cobweb Cafe: Sip and Snack in Spooky Style”
  36. “Mummy Mayhem: Unwrap the Fun”
  37. “Ghoulish Games and Frightful Fun”
  38. “Candy Corn Carnival: Sweet Treats and Fun Games”
  39. “Spooky Snacks and Eerie Eats”
  40. “Dress to Kill: Costume Contest in Session”
  41. “Boo Boulevard: Parade of Halloween Fun”
  42. “Candy Crawl: Follow the Trail to Sweet Surprises”
  43. “Pumpkin Painting Party: Unleash Your Creativity”
  44. “Haunted Treasure Hunt: Seek and Find the Spooky Prizes”
  45. “Witch’s Workshop: Crafts and Spells”
  46. “Glow-in-the-Dark Dance Party: Shine Bright and Dance All Night”
  47. “Scarecrow Scramble: Race to the Finish Line”
  48. “Wickedly Wonderful Photo Booth: Capture the Memories”
  49. “Zombie Disco Inferno: Get Down and Get Undead”
  50. “Beware of Witches Brewing: Potions and Concoctions at the Bar”

More Halloween Fun…

halloween bathroom sign

20 printable halloween bathroom signs

  1. “Witch’s Lair: Proceed with Caution”
  2. “Beware of Ghosts: Haunting in Progress”
  3. “Goblin’s Hideout: Enter at Your Own Risk”
  4. “Zombie Zone: Restroom for the Undead”
  5. “Monster Mash Washroom: Join the Dance”
  6. “Trick or Treat Bathroom: Choose Wisely”
  7. “Vampire’s Den: Fangs and Flossing”
  8. “Candy Corn Cleanup Crew: Help Keep It Spooky Clean”
  9. “Spider’s Web Restroom: Weave Your Way In”
  10. “Witch’s Brew: Cauldron Cleanup Station”
  11. “Pumpkin Potty: Carved and Cleaned for Your Convenience”
  12. “Frightfully Fresh: Ghostly Hand Soap Available”
  13. “Bat’s Cave: Echoes and Echoes”
  14. “Haunted Restroom: Spectral Sanitation”
  15. “Skeleton’s Throne: Sit and Scare”
  16. “Ghoulish Grooming: Beware of the Mirror”
  17. “Zombie Washroom: Refresh with Brains and Soap”
  18. “Mummy’s Rest Stop: Unwrap and Relax”
  19. “Wickedly Clean: Broom Parking Available”
  20. “Ghosts Welcome: Boo-tiful Bathroom Inside”

20 Funny halloween sayings for adult parties

  1. “Witch Better Have My Candy!”
  2. “Caution: Zombies on the Dance Floor!”
  3. “I’m Here for the Boos!”
  4. “Wickedly Wild and a Little Bit Mild”
  5. “Eat, Drink, and Be Scary!”
  6. “Come as You Aren’t, Stay for the Spirits”
  7. “Party Like a Monster Mash Star”
  8. “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun”
  9. “I’m Not a Regular Witch, I’m a Cool Witch”
  10. “Drinks So Good, They’re Spook-tacular”
  11. “Creep It Real at Our Halloween Bash”
  12. “Boos and Booze: The Perfect Pair”
  13. “Tricks, Treats, and Cocktails That Haunt”
  14. “Witchcraft and Cocktails: A Magical Combination”
  15. “Halloween: The Night for Adulting…Slightly”
  16. “Get Your Freak On: Adult Halloween Extravaganza”
  17. “Costumes Required, Inhibitions Optional”
  18. “Leave Your Inhibitions at the Door: It’s Halloween Time!”
  19. “Hocus Pocus, Let’s Get Tipsy”
  20. “Don’t Be a Basic Witch, Be an Extraordinary Ghoul”

20 Halloween Witch Sayings

  1. “Double, double, toil and trouble, witches brew and mischief bubble.”
  2. “Witching you a spellbinding Halloween!”
  3. “Witchful thinking and wicked delights!”
  4. “Be witched, be enchanted, be Halloween!”
  5. “It’s witching hour, time for magic and power!”
  6. “Flying high on broomsticks, casting spells and getting kicks!”
  7. “Bubble, bubble, here comes trouble!”
  8. “Witches brew their magic tonight, under the pale moonlight.”
  9. “Broomsticks and black cats, witches casting spells in pointed hats.”
  10. “Hocus Pocus, it’s time for tricks and treats!”
  11. “Witchy vibes and spooky rides!”
  12. “Beware of the witch’s curse, mischief and magic dispersed.”
  13. “Witch way to the party? Follow the cauldron’s steam!”
  14. “Witch please, I’m too fabulous to be scary!”
  15. “Cackling witches and mystical spells, Halloween enchantment surely dwells.”
  16. “Wickedly wonderful, witches at play, brewing up a Halloween soiree.”
  17. “Witchcraft and wizardry, a magical Halloween is guaranteed.”
  18. “Flying through the night, witches bring Halloween delight.”
  19. “Sorcery and potions, witches’ devotion, Halloween in full motion.”
  20. “Witching you a night full of frightful fun and laughter!”
halloween party table with banner

Short Halloween Sayings For Signs

  1. “Boo!”
  2. “Trick or Treat!”
  3. “Happy Halloween!”
  4. “Spooky Season”
  5. “Fright Night”
  6. “Beware!”
  7. “Creep it Real”
  8. “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun”
  9. “Witch Way to the Candy?”
  10. “Enter if You Dare”
  11. “Haunted House”
  12. “Candy Corn Crazy”
  13. “Ghostly Greetings”
  14. “Pumpkin Patch”
  15. “Wickedly Wonderful”
  16. “Bone Appetit”
  17. “Goblin Zone”
  18. “Zombies Ahead”
  19. “Boo Crew”
  20. “Eek!”

Halloween Sayings for School Signs for Young Kids

These Halloween sayings for school signs are designed to create a fun and festive atmosphere for young kids. They aim to promote excitement, imagination, and a positive learning environment while embracing the spirit of Halloween.

  1. “Halloween is ‘spooktacular’ fun at our school!”
  2. “Get ready for a ‘boo-tiful’ day of Halloween delights!”
  3. “Our school is bewitched with Halloween excitement!”
  4. “Happy Halloween! Prepare for a day filled with smiles and treats.”
  5. “Halloween is a time for laughter, costumes, and learning!”
  6. “Join us for a fang-tastic day of Halloween festivities!”
  7. “Our school is haunted by fun and laughter this Halloween!”
  8. “Trick or Treat! Our school is full of sweet surprises.”
  9. “Wishing you a not-so-scary Halloween at our spooktacular school!”
  10. “Halloween magic awaits you at our school. Come join the fun!”
  11. “Our school is boo-tifully decorated for Halloween!”
  12. “Halloween spirit is in the air. Join us for a day of frightful fun!”
  13. “Happy Halloween! Let’s make unforgettable memories at school today.”
  14. “Costumes, candy, and learning – a perfect Halloween combination!”
  15. “Step into a world of Halloween wonders at our school!”
  16. “Discover the magic of Halloween at our enchanting school.”
  17. “Come one, come all, for a Halloween celebration at our school!”
  18. “Halloween is a time to learn, laugh, and let your imagination soar!”
  19. “Trick or Treat, it’s a day of learning that can’t be beat!”
  20. “Our school is brewing up a cauldron of Halloween fun!”
  21. “Halloween is a treat-filled adventure at our school!”
  22. “Costumes and smiles make our school spook-tacular!”
  23. “Halloween fun is in session at our friendly school!”
  24. “Wishing you a day of giggles and ghoulishly good times at school!”
  25. “Join us for a spellbinding Halloween celebration at our school!”
  26. “Our school is a castle of creativity and Halloween fun!”
  27. “Halloween excitement is contagious at our spirited school!”
  28. “Happy Halloween! Prepare for a day of magical moments at school.”
  29. “Our school is haunted with laughter and learning this Halloween!”
  30. “Halloween at our school is a recipe for smiles and unforgettable memories!”

Choose the sayings that resonate with your school’s values and age group, and let them set the tone for a delightful and memorable Halloween celebration!

Halloween Sayings for Church Signs

These Halloween sayings for church signs are designed to blend the spirit of the season with faith-centered messages. They provide an opportunity to celebrate Halloween while also reflecting on the love and grace of God.

  1. “Faith is stronger than fear. Happy Halloween!”
  2. “Trick or Treat! Jesus loves you, sweets optional.”
  3. “Come in for a ‘spirited’ service this Halloween.”
  4. “Join us for a Boo-tiful time of worship!”
  5. “No tricks, just treats: Jesus saves!”
  6. “God’s love is spooktacular! Happy Halloween!”
  7. “Don’t be scared, find refuge in God’s arms. Happy Halloween!”
  8. “God’s light shines brighter than any jack-o’-lantern.”
  9. “Halloween: A reminder to be ‘hallowed’ in His presence.”
  10. “Jesus: The ultimate treat. Happy Halloween!”
  11. “Costumes are temporary, faith is everlasting.”
  12. “Carve out time for God this Halloween.”
  13. “Trick or Treat with a heart full of gratitude!”
  14. “Halloween is a time to celebrate the light of Christ.”
  15. “No masks needed in God’s presence. Happy Halloween!”
  16. “Pumpkins may fade, but God’s love remains.”
  17. “This Halloween, let God’s love cast out fear.”
  18. “Trick or Treat, but remember Jesus is the sweetest treat of all.”
  19. “Fear not, for God is with you this Halloween.”
  20. “Ghosts and goblins fade, but God’s Word stands forever.”
  21. “God’s love is the true magic of Halloween.”
  22. “This Halloween, let kindness be your costume.”
  23. “Faith over fear: Choose Jesus this Halloween.”
  24. “Halloween is a reminder that God’s love conquers all.”
  25. “This Halloween, seek the light of God’s truth.”
  26. “Spooktacular blessings await you at our church!”
  27. “Halloween: A time to reflect on God’s grace and mercy.”
  28. “Trick or Treat: Jesus gives us the sweetest blessings!”
  29. “Let God’s love illuminate your path this Halloween.”
  30. “Halloween reminds us to be ‘ghoul-d’ seekers of God’s kingdom.”
  31. “No tricks, just the everlasting treat of salvation!”
  32. “Jesus: The light in the darkness. Happy Halloween!”
  33. “Trick or Treat, but keep Jesus in your heart.”
  34. “This Halloween, let your faith shine brighter than any costume.”
  35. “God’s love is the best treat you can receive. Happy Halloween!”
  36. “Halloween: A time to embrace God’s love and grace.”
  37. “Celebrate Halloween with faith, love, and kindness.”
  38. “God’s Word is our armor against the frights of Halloween.”
  39. “Trick or Treat: May God’s blessings be abundant in your life.”
  40. “Halloween is a reminder of God’s power over darkness.”

Feel free to choose the sayings that resonate with your church’s values and beliefs, and let them serve as an invitation to embrace God’s light in the midst of the Halloween festivities.

Customize and Frame Printable Halloween Sayings

Printing out a sign, framing it, and displaying it on a table for your Halloween party is a great way to add a festive touch to your decor. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you accomplish that:

Materials you will need:

  1. A computer with a printer
  2. A picture frame (choose a size that suits your sign)
  3. Scissors or a paper cutter
  4. Tape or adhesive putty
  5. A table or surface for display
  6. A Halloween-themed sign design if you want more (use Canva)


  1. Use one of the sayings above or create a sign on Canva.
    • Use Canva to make it neater
    • Alternatively, you can design your own sign using graphic design software or even a word processing program.
  2. Print the sign:
    • Load your printer with the appropriate paper size (usually letter or A4).
    • Open the sign design on your computer and select the print option.
    • Adjust the print settings as needed (e.g., choose color or black and white printing, adjust print quality).
    • Click “Print” and wait for the sign to print.
  3. Trim the sign to fit the frame:
    • Use scissors or a paper cutter to carefully trim the printed sign to fit the dimensions of your frame. Make sure it fits nicely without any excess paper hanging over the edges.
  4. Prepare the frame:
    • Remove the backing from the picture frame and set it aside.
    • Clean the glass or plastic front of the frame to ensure it’s free from smudges or fingerprints.
  5. Insert the sign into the frame:
    • Lay the sign face down on a flat surface.
    • Carefully place the frame’s glass or plastic front over the sign, ensuring it covers the design completely.
    • Place the backing of the frame back onto the frame, securing the sign in place.
  6. Display the framed sign on a table:
    • Choose a table or surface where you want to showcase your sign.
    • Use tape or adhesive putty to secure the framed sign in an upright position on the table.
    • Make sure the sign is stable and won’t easily tip over.
  7. Optional: Add additional decorations:
    • Surround the framed sign with other Halloween-themed decorations like pumpkins, candles, cobwebs, or spooky figurines to create a festive display.

Now you have a beautifully framed Halloween sign to display on your table and add a touch of Halloween spirit to your party!