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Crown Royal has partnered with Packages From Home to turn donated Crown Royal Bags into care packages for active American military heroes around the world!

If you know someone who is serving overseas right now, you can head to the Crown Royal page and send them a FREE care package! Choose four different items and they will create and ship the bag!

About Packages from Home…

Packages From Home’s primary purpose is to provide food, personal care, and recreational items to deployed American servicemen and women from every branch of the military, at no cost to them, while simultaneously supporting the needs of military working/service dogs and veterans who have returned home.

And Packages From Home does all of this by relying mostly on the generosity of volunteers and donors, as the organization only employs one full-time and two part-time team members on its staff.

Offer valid through June 30th, 2024, and you can send one package per person!

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