Ways to Save on School Uniforms

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School uniforms can get costly, especially if you have multiple children that need them. My son went to a private school for a few years (mainly because it was the same price as day care here) and I learned some tricks along the way.

Here’s some ways to save a ton of school uniforms…

Watch for Uniform Exchanges at your school
Some schools do uniform exchanges where you bring in old ones and pick out new ones in the sizes you need. If you don’t see signs for it, ask the office. This can be a great way to get the clothes you need for free or super cheap. One year I lucked into 6 pair of brand new Lands’ End shorts, all I had to do was trade his old ones!

Check Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops
You would be surprised at how many uniforms end up donated or on consignment, especially if there are a few schools close that use uniforms. This can be great if you luck into the logo shirts that some schools require. Schoola is another online site that is great for finding pre-owned items like shorts, jackets, and pants.

Use Off Brands or Store Brands
My son’s school requested we purchase Lands’ End at $27 per pair of shorts. That wasn’t going to happen. While we had to get his shirts there (they have logos on them) we saved a ton by buying the shorts and jackets at Old Navy and Walmart. Unless you checked the labels, you really couldn’t tell. I can’t 100% guarantee you can get away with this but it’s worth shot!

Trade with School Friends
Check with other Mom’s, if they have other kids there you might be able to trade out clothes. Consider doing a swap with a few friends if your school doesn’t do an exchange.

Shop Off Season
When school is getting out is one of the best times to buy for the next year. I was able to get a ton of clothes at Old Navy for a fraction of their retail value. Also buy pants in summer and shorts in winter. Watch for sales and buy the next size up!

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