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Saving money can be hard.  Sometimes, it feels like there just isn’t enough.  Other times, let’s be real, things like vacation seem like way more fun to put your money towards than paying off student loans.  And if your house is anything like ours, it seems like whenever you get ahead, something happens.  

Yes, saving can be frustrating and hard.  But the truth is, once you get going, and you start to see your progress of your good financial decisions paying off (no pun intended) it motivates you to keep going!  Those first steps can be challenging though. So that’s where the Savings Challenge comes into play! 

What is the 30 Day Savings Challenge?

The 30 Day Savings Challenge is an easy, painless way to save money, even for budgets who may not think that saving is possible.  With this plan, you will save at least $150 in the first 30 days. If you repeat this, you will have saved minimally $1,800 over the course of a year! 

How do I do the 30 Day Savings Challenge?

The good news is: it’s free to start!  

The better news is: you can start right now!

The best news is: everyone can do it! 

First, you will want to print off our 30 Day Savings Challenge sheet.  You will also want to gather a jar or a large manilla envelope that you can use to collect both dollar bills and change.  Starting with bubble one, each day you will work your way through the sheet inserting the number of dollars into your jar.  

Some days don’t have a dollar amount, but rather a savings action.  All money earned or saved from those actions gets added to your jar. The dollar amounts themselves add up to $150, but with the four saving action spaces, your total can be higher! 

After the thirty days are finished, count up your money in the jar and record it on the sheet.  Reflect, celebrate and get ready to continue your money-saving journey!  

What exactly do you do each day?

  1.  PRINT THE SHEET – Save $6
  2. $3
  3. Savings Challenge Day!  Pick 2 things in your home that you no longer use and sell.  Add the money you earn to your savings jar.
    (Hint: Try selling them on places like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Ebay, Let Go, or Etsy)
  4. $10
  5. $2
  6. $4
  7. Savings Challenge Day! Put back an impulse buy today.  It could be gum or candy in the checkout line, a new shirt that let’s be honest, you really didn’t need, or an ice cream stop on the way home.  Whatever it is, say no to one. Add the money you would have spent on your impulse buy to your savings jar.
  8. $8
  9. $2
  10. $3
  11. $10
  12. $6
  13. $6
  14. $5
  15. $10
  16. $3
  17. $8
  18. Savings Challenge Day!  Avoid takeout today. Add the money you would have spent on your morning coffee, your lunch out or your dinner to your savings jar.
  19. $10
  20. Savings Challenge Day!  Skip the drinks today. Add the money you would have spent on your coffee, soda or out with friends to your savings jar.
  21. $9
  22. $2
  23. $7
  24. $4
  25. $3
  26. $8
  27. $7
  28. $4
  29. Savings Challenge Day!  Save big at the grocery store.  Plan your meals around the sales flyer, use coupons, and switch to store brands.  With all of your planning hard work, you should have extra money left over from your grocery budget!  Add this money to your savings jar.
  30. $10

This savings challenge is made to be fun, painless and to help jumpstart you on a track of savings.  By the end of the thirty days, you should have easily saved $150+ making it easier to stay motivated to keep going! 



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