Learn How to Get Free Stuff from Watching Webinars!!!

amazon gift card

Lots of companies and organizations host webinars and online meetings, and guess what? They’re handing out rewards for attending! Check out this list of upcoming webinars where you can snag some freebies, usually in the form of gift cards.

Just a heads up, you’ll typically need to stick around for the entire online session, and sometimes they might ask you to fill out a quick exit survey before you get your hands on the gift.

Quick pro-tip: Since these are professional events, your chances of scoring that gift go up if you use a professional or business email instead of something like Gmail. They might also ask for your business name and title, so keep that in mind.

I’ll keep this post updated with more juicy webinars, and you can spot the new ones easily—they’ll be in bold with each update. Happy freebie hunting!

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