NEW Free 8×10 Print Code for Walgreens!

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Here’s another great Walgreens freebie! 

For a limited time, you can get a Free 8×10 Print with code TYDAD. You can pick this order up at your local store for FREE, making this sweet deal 100% free!

Get a cheap frame from the Dollar Store, and you have an instant gift!

To get this deal: Simply upload your image and select one 8×10 size in your cart.  Then, enter coupon code TYDAD and select pick up at your local store.

NOTE – some stores are only allowing this offer through Walgreen’s app.

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10 Unique Ideas for Using a Free 8×10 Print

We post this and the CVS free print codes all the time. Wonder what to use these free prints for?

Here are 10 unique ideas for using a free 8×10 print:

Gallery Wall Accent: Frame the 8×10 print and use it as a standout accent on a gallery wall. It can serve as a focal point among a collection of larger or smaller artworks.

Custom Greeting Card: Transform the print into a personalized greeting card. Attach it to a folded cardstock, add a heartfelt message, and you have a unique and thoughtful card for special occasions.

Desk Art: Place the print in a stylish frame and use it as desk art. It’s a great way to personalize your workspace with a touch of creativity.

DIY Coaster: Laminate the print or attach it to a corkboard to create a custom coaster. This functional and decorative piece adds a unique flair to your coffee or dining table.

Book Cover Art: Use the print as a custom book cover. Laminate it or adhere it to the cover of a notebook or journal to create a personalized and eye-catching book.

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Collage Element: Incorporate the 8×10 print into a collage. Combine it with other photos, artworks, or memorabilia to create a visually engaging and meaningful display.

Mood Board Centerpiece: If you’re into vision boards or mood boards, use the 8×10 print as a central element. Build around it with images, quotes, and items that inspire or represent your goals.

Inspirational Quote Display: Choose a print with an inspirational quote or design your own. Frame it and display it in a prominent place to provide daily motivation.

DIY Puzzle: Turn the print into a personalized puzzle. Adhere it to a sturdy surface, then cut it into puzzle pieces. It’s a creative and interactive way to enjoy your print.

Photo Transfer onto Wood or Canvas: Experiment with photo transfer techniques onto wood or canvas. This DIY project adds a rustic or textured look to your print, providing a unique and handmade touch.

Feel free to mix and match these ideas or customize them to suit your personal style and preferences!

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