Crab Recipes for National Crab Meat Day

I love all these funky holidays! Today we are celebrating National Crab Meat Day!!

National Crab Meat Day is celebrated on March 9th each year in the United States. This day is dedicated to celebrating the delicious meat of crabs, which is a popular seafood ingredient in many dishes. Crab meat is known for its sweet and delicate flavor, and can be used in a wide variety of recipes ranging from soups and salads to pasta dishes and appetizers like crab cakes or stuffed mushrooms.

On National Crab Meat Day, people often enjoy their favorite crab dishes or try out new recipes featuring this tasty ingredient. Some restaurants may even offer special deals or promotions on crab dishes to celebrate the occasion.

Here’s fun recipes you can make using crab meat!

jalapeno crab bites

Jalapeno Crab Bites

Holiday season is all about parties!  We always host a big family party on Christmas Day and have lots of appetizers and finger food for everyone to eat until Christmas dinner. This year one of the appetizers I am planning to make is these Jalapeno Crab Bites, a delicious party food.

cheesy crab dip


Today I’m sharing a recipe that I made for Christmas Eve that was part of our Feast of the Seven Fishes event. Being Italian, I’ve decided the last couple of years to make seven different kinds. This Cheesy Crab Dip was a great addition to our appetizer course.

warm crab dip with caramelized onions


Appetizers are so fun, aren’t they? I love going to a party and getting to sample all kinds of delicious little bites that people bring! Simple appetizers like shrimp cocktail and cheese platters are great, but sometimes you find a deliciously decadent appetizer that really knocks it out of the park! And this Warm Crab Dip is one of them!

corn and crab salad tortilla cups

Corn and Crab Salad Tortilla Cups

Corn and Crab Salad Tortilla Cups, an easy snack or appetizer recipe great for the Super Bowl, tailgating, or any party! Can even make the salad ahead!

crab rangoon

Crab Rangoon

Like other parts of the eastern coastal United States, catching and eating Atlantic Blue Crabs is a fun (and delicious!) warm weather tradition.  In Massachusetts, where we live, no special permits are required for recreational crabbing – and if you’re in the right place at the right time, the only equipment you’ll need to catch blue crabs is a long-handled dip net, a bucket and some raw chicken for bait tied to a length of string!

crab cake stuffed shrimp

Crab Cake Stuffed Shrimp

Crab Cake Stuffed Shrimp. A sophisticated appetizer with lumps of crab all encased in a jumbo shrimp. This holiday appetizer takes entertaining up to the next level. Whether you’re planning a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve party—bring the taste of summer to your party with this delicious crab cake stuffed shrimp appetizer.

crab and mushroom topped baked salmon

Crab and Mushroom Topped Baked Salmon Recipe

As much as I love fish and seafood, I don’t cook it often at home and I’m not really sure why. With a recipe like this one, I should never have an excuse to not make salmon. It’s delicious!

baked crab and artichoke rangoon


Baked Crab and Artichoke Rangoon are an amazingly creamy and savory appetizer! Wonton cups are filled with cream cheese, marinated artichoke hearts and crab and baked to perfection. A great addition to your menu!


Croatian Seafood Stew AKA Brudet

Craving some delicious Croatian seafood stew? This hearty stew is easy to make, so it’s perfect for busy weeknights or feeding a large crowd.

Did you know about these fun food holidays?

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