How To Make Gardening A Family Project

Want to build a garden with your family? These tips for how to make gardening a family project will help everyone get involved this year and keep them interested! A garden is a big undertaking, but when the entire family helps out you can easily build and harvest an amazing vegetable garden everyone will love to enjoy not just this summer, but year round.

How To Make Gardening A Family Project

Let everyone plant a vegetable or fruit they want.
Getting everyone involved includes giving them something they want out of the garden. If your kids love watermelon, cantaloupe or green beans then let them plant those items while you plant lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas. Giving everyone a plant they want to eat will keep them motivated to continue working in the garden all year to make sure their produce thrives as well.

Take turns with garden chores so nobody gets burned out.
Take turns with pulling weeds, watering and picking harvest. Give everyone a day off and a rotation of garden chores so nobody feels like they are doing all the work all the time. Kids and spouses get frustrated when they feel like they are always in the garden with no break. Allow for breaks so everyone can enjoy their time in the garden without frustrations.


Sell excess produce at local farmers markets for vacation money.
Give everyone the chance to choose the best of your harvest to take to a local farmers market to sell. The benefit of selling your produce to the local community can go toward a vacation, a new game system or even a new car fund depending on what your family wants most. This can be a great reason for kids and adults alike to put more effort into the garden. Making sure you produce more and the best of vegetables and fruits will bring a higher dollar for your sales.

Enter local contests at fairs.
Kids and adults alike love seeing their name next to a first prize banner or trophy. Focus on creating great produce for the local county or state fair contests. You can even enter home canned goods into these contests. That could mean canned vegetables, fruit jams or preserves could be the goal of building and growing a garden. This is a fun and great motivation for everyone to focus their efforts to make gardening a family project.

Get everyone in your family involved this year when you build a garden.
From the tilling of the soil, to building raised beds or fences around the garden, there is a place for everyone in the family to lend a hand. You can assign kids chores like pulling weeds, planting seeds, watering items and picking vegetables when they are ready to harvest. Adults can till the garden, do the hoeing needed to fertilize the dirt, and of course prepare and can or freeze the excess garden harvest for use year round. These tips for how to make gardening a family project are easy for you to implement in your own family this year.