Book Character Halloween Costume Ideas

Hungry Little Caterpillar Costume

Book Character Halloween Costume Ideas

Inspire your kids to read this year by helping them choose a book character halloween costume! There are lots of fun options including…

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Costume

The Cat in the Hat is about to appear and spread Halloween fun and cheer with this costume!

Curious George’s Man In The Yellow Hat

This costume is going to make kids and adults alike smile, but likely for very different reasons.

Hermione Granger Gryffindor Robe

This Hermione costume looks straight out of Gryffindor! Any Potter- head will be glad to adorn this one!

Wednesday Addams Costume

This creepy and kooky costume is a classic! It has been popular for decades for good reason!

Goldilocks Costume

This storybook classic costume is perfect for little kids. I love that it has the 3 Little Bears to complete the look.

Hungry Little Caterpillar Costume

This costume is perfect for babies. The might be inspired by the character to eat their way through a slew of candy however.

Curious George Costume

Swing into the fun of Halloween with a curious monkey costume!

DC Superhero Girl’s Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn has introduced a new generation of girls to the pleasures of comic books. With this costume, any girl can go laughing into the night!

Fancy Nancy Halloween Costume

Oh La La! How fancy! Why not let your little one dress up like Nancy?


Don’t get caught in any lies when wearing this fairy tale classic costume!

Adult’s Where’s Waldo Deluxe Costume

If you are looking to be sought out on Halloween, this is the costume for you. Everyone will be excited to find you when you are Waldo!

Mad Hatter Costume

When you know who you were this morning, but have changed a few times since then, this is the costume for you!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

If you are dressed like Willy Wonka, you should totally be prepared to share a lot of candy!

Red Riding Hood Costume

On your way to Grandma’s house or a party? No one will ever know.