Get Your Kids (and Spouse!!) Up Easier w/ Super Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

I have a teenage son. He is impossible to get up in the mornings and schools start early here. It used to be we had four alarms set and I would have to make a few trips to his room to get him up. NO MORE!!

I have found the most amazing alarm clock that actually works! It is a loud alarm clock but it has a little disc you put under the mattress to actually shake them awake. How cool is that? He loves it and I love it because mornings are much easier now!

If you want to try one, Amazon has this Super Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for Heavy Sleeper priced at only $19.99 right now. DEFINITELY worth the money!

loud alarm bed shaker

It has over 8,300 five star reviews!! Check out some of the reviews…

This is a very nice basic digital alarm clock with the addition of a bed shaker that really works. I placed the vibrating device under my 17″ thick innerspring mattress and it could be well felt when the alarm went off. If this thing doesn’t get your attention you might want to check your pulse. I like it very much.

My son part deaf so I got this hoping it would help him wake for school each morning. He is known to over sleep since he can’t hear regular alarms. We have had this one for months and so far he hasn’t missed a day of school. The loudness of the alarm alerts him and the vibration is the final thing that wakes him up. I wish we would have bought this sooner.

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