Stores That Will be Open and Closed on Easter Sunday!

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Easter Sunday, a time of celebration and reflection for many, also brings with it certain adjustments in the operating hours of various stores and businesses.

In 2024, much like in previous years, numerous major retail chains have chosen to close their doors on this day, allowing their employees to observe the holiday with their families and loved ones.

This closure affects a wide array of establishments, ranging from supermarkets to department stores, impacting shoppers’ plans and routines.

On the flip side, some stores remain open, catering to those in need of last-minute essentials or simply looking to carry on with their usual Sunday errands.

Understanding which stores are closed and which remain open can help individuals plan their Easter weekend activities more efficiently.

Here is a list of stores and their respective statuses for Easter Sunday 2024.

Stores Closed on Easter Sunday

ALDI: Despite its usual assortment of holiday goods, ALDI will be closed on Easter Sunday as it always is.

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Best Buy: Best Buy maintains its tradition of closure on Easter Sunday, so plan your purchases accordingly.

The Container Store: Closed on Easter Sunday, grab your organization essentials ahead of time.

Costco: Costco will be closed on Easter Sunday, so stock up on essentials beforehand.

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Closed on Easter Sunday, prepare for your outdoor activities in advance.

H-E-B Grocery: Closed on Easter Sunday, make sure to get your groceries early.

Hobby Lobby: Closed every Sunday, including Easter Sunday, plan your craft shopping accordingly.

HomeGoods: Closed on Easter Sunday, get your home decor items beforehand.

The Honey Baked Ham Company: Closed on Easter Sunday, place your orders in advance for hassle-free holiday meals.

JCPenney: Most locations closed on Easter Sunday, so shop for accessories early.

Kohl’s: Closed on Easter Sunday, find your family deals before the holiday.

Lowe’s: Closed on Easter Sunday, get your home improvement supplies early.

Macy’s: Closed on Easter Sunday, enjoy sales another time.

Marshalls: Closed on Easter Sunday despite website misinformation, shop for shoes in advance.

Michaels: Closed on Easter Sunday, stock up on crafting supplies beforehand.

Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack: Stores closed on Easter Sunday, check online hours for other days.

Office Depot: Closed on Easter Sunday, get your office supplies ahead of time.

Publix: Closed on Easter Sunday, plan your grocery runs accordingly.

Sam’s Club: Closed on Easter Sunday, plan your bulk shopping accordingly.

Target: Closed on Easter Sunday, shop for your essentials beforehand.

T.J. Maxx: Closed on Easter Sunday, get your fashion finds in advance.

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Stores Open Easter Sunday 2024

7-Eleven: Open as usual on Easter Sunday.

Ace Hardware: Some locations open with reduced hours, check your local store.

Albertsons: Open on Easter Sunday, confirm pharmacy hours locally.

Barnes & Noble: Hours vary, check online for your store’s schedule.

Big Lots: Open with regular hours on Easter Sunday.

BJ’s Wholesale Club: Most locations open with adjusted hours.

Dollar General: Open with regular hours, check locally.

Duane Reade: Open during regular hours on Easter Sunday.

Harris Teeter: Open with regular hours on Easter Sunday.

Kroger: Open nationwide, confirm pharmacy hours locally.

Petco: Generally open, confirm hours closer to Easter Sunday.

PetSmart: Generally open, check local hours for adjustments.

Rite Aid: Majority of stores open with varying hours, call ahead.

Safeway: Open on Easter Sunday, confirm pharmacy hours locally.

Staples: Some locations closed, others open with modified hours, call ahead.

Starbucks: Hours vary by location, check using the Starbucks app.

The Fresh Market: Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Easter Sunday.

The Home Depot: Open with reduced Sunday hours in most locations.

Trader Joe’s: Open with regular hours on Easter Sunday.

Walgreens: Open with regular hours on Easter Sunday.

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Walmart: Open with regular hours on Easter Sunday.

Wegmans: Open with traditional hours on Easter Sunday.

Whole Foods: Open on Easter, but hours may vary by location.

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