Best Laser Engraving Machines For Wood in 2024 – How to Make Money w/ One

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Best Laser Engraving Machines and Ways to Make Money with Them!

If you are looking for the best laser engraving machine for wood in 2022, then you’ve probably looked at Glowforge. They seem to be all the rage right now and they come with a hefty price tag – around $8.000.

Let’s face it most people don’t have that kind of money laying around. If you are wanting to start making items but don’t have that much to invest there are quite a few cheaper alternatives. Wood laser engraving machines offer a wide range of capabilities and are ideal for creating unique and customized designs, logos, and projects.

From desktop engravers to larger industrial models with higher power outputs, there’s sure to be something here that can meet your needs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best laser engravers available on the market today at the best price points available.

Here are the best laser cutter machines that normal people can actually afford!

omtech co2 laser engraver no background

OMTech CO2 Laser Engraver

This is one of the most highly rated laser engravings machines on Amazon. The spacious engraving bed provides plenty of room to fit all your projects, whether personalized gifts for friends and family or custom orders for new clients; the vented panel can also be removed to give you more room when working on thicker materials.

The basic models start at $450 and they go up from there depending on how big of a machine you want and laser power.

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mophorn laser engraving machine

Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine

Another good option is this CO2 engraving machine, with engraving area of 12″x8″ (30x20cm), integrates the newest light, machine and electricity mechanical movement to design this high precise. Equipped with one 40W water cooling laser tube it is perfect for wood products.

It employs an USB port and thus can be connected to your laptop or desktop. By the support of included software, CorelDraw, this machine can work well with multiple graphic formats including EMF/JPG/PLT/WMF. All laser engraving machines can not carve / cut metal or ceramics in a single pass.

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atomstack a5 pro laser engraver

ATOMSTACK A5 Pro Laser Engraver

Atomstack laser engraving machine can engrave various materials like metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, leather PCB board, aluminum oxide, lacquered metal, etc. You can create your own engraved work for your favorites, realize your imagination

A5 Pro laser beam with 5~5.5w output power with 0.16mm ultra-fine compression laser focus area, the engraving accuracy reaches 0.01mm, which makes more refined engraving process, it makes easy cut on wood and acrylic.

Prices start $319 and go up for larger models.

Shop ATOMSTACK A5 Pro Laser Engravers

No matter what kind of laser engraving projects you are working on, these laser engraving machines will be sure to provide the best results.

engraved gift ideas

How can you make money with an engraver?

You can use an engraver to create custom pieces for sale or offer laser engraving services. With the right machine and materials, you can make some serious cash with wood laser engraving projects.

Here are some projects you can do with an engraver….

Personalize gifts

Laser engraving machines can be used to personalize a variety of materials, including wood. They are great for a custom wood project. By laser-engraving a name or logo onto a gift item, you can make it unique and special for the recipient. You can customize anything from a wooden cutting board to a leather wallet.

Create signage

Engravers are great for creating elaborate signs and plaques with intricate details that wouldn’t be possible with other methods. You can also use them to produce dimensional letters or logos on wooden surfaces for a professional look.

Make custom furniture

Using an engraver, you can create incredibly detailed designs on your furniture pieces. From intricate carvings to inlaid designs, there’s nothing stopping you from creating something truly one-of-a-kind.

Craft jewelry

Adding a laser engraving to a piece of jewelry is a great way to make it stand out. You can create patterns, text, or designs on the surface of rings and other pieces for an eye-catching look.

Make custom cutting boards

An engraver is perfect for creating beautiful and personalized cutting boards. You can etch intricate details into the wood or add text with your own handwriting for a unique touch.

Decorate wooden frames

Whether you’re making picture frames or mirrors, an engraver can help you craft exquisite decorative designs that really make your work pop. These make perfect gifts just by adding a cute picture.

Create wooden gifts

Engravers are great for creating personalized gifts out of wood, such as decorative trays and boxes. You can also use them to make holiday ornaments, name tags, keychains, and much more.

Design furniture embellishments

With an engraver, you can add intricate details to your furniture pieces that will take them from ordinary to extraordinary. From intricate carvings to ornate designs, there’s no limit to what you can do with a laser engraving machine!

souvenirs of granada
souvenirs of Granada. Boxes with Arabic motifs

Places to sell your projects to make money

Once you’ve created your own laser engraving projects, where can you sell them to make a profit? This is often an issue for new entrepreneurs, as it can be difficult to find places that are willing to purchase your creations. However, there are several options available for selling laser engraving projects. Here are some of our favorites…

Local Markets

Attend local craft fairs, festivals and markets to display and sell your products. There are often special events that are dedicated to laser engraving and cutting, which can be a great way to get your work in front of potential customers.

Friends and Family

Give your creations to friends, family and colleagues for free or at discounted prices. This can be a great way to spread the word about your work and generate interest from potential customers.


There are many online platforms you can use to showcase and sell your projects. Etsy is one of the most popular sites for selling custom projects and offers a variety of tools for managing orders and shipping.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another great platform to sell your custom laser engraving projects. You can easily create a store, list your items and connect with potential customers in the marketplace.

Create an Online Store

Creating an online store for your laser engraving projects is also an option. There are many e-commerce websites such as Shopify that offer tools to help you create and manage your own store.

No matter what platform you use, don’t forget to promote your products on social media. Share pictures of your projects and post regularly about upcoming sales or special offers to draw more attention from potential buyers!

types of wood for wood engraving

Best type of wood for laser engraving projects

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different projects will require different materials. In general, most woods can be laser cut and engraved. A soft wood is good for one project and a different wood type will be better for another. It really depends on the piece of wood. Soft wood will produce a darker burn.

Acrylic and other plastics are also good choice for laser cutting and engraving too. Those with high resin content are better.

Here are some of the different types of wood for laser cutting and engraving projects:


This darker wood is a hard wood known for its smooth finish, making it an excellent choice for creating intricate designs. It’s also very durable and can hold up to heavy use.


Cherry wood is another dark wood that is a perfect choice. It has rich grain patterns that look stunning when engraved with a laser cutter/engraver.


Hard Maple wood is both strong and lightweight, making it perfect for laser engraving projects that require precision. Its light color makes even small details stand out clearly when engraved or cut with a laser cutter/engraver.


Oak is a popular choice for laser engraving projects due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Lighter wood can be easier to engrave with a fantastic end result. Its natural grain patterns add an element of sophistication to whatever it’s used for, making it a great option for creating high-end pieces.


Mahogany is prized for its strength and rich colors, making it perfect for detailed laser engravings. It produces stunning results that look professional and sophisticated, no matter what the project is using Mahogany is a good idea.


Alder wood is a popular choice for laser engraving projects due to its light color and fine grain. It produces excellent results that look very professional and can stand up to wear and tear without looking worn down.

type of material ingraving

Other materials you can use for engraving

In addition to wood, there are several other materials that can be used for laser engraving projects. These include: acrylic, glass, metals (including stainless steel and aluminum), leather, paper, cork board and more. Each material has its own unique applications and benefits when it comes to laser engraving. With the right machine and supplies, you’ll be able to create stunning results with any material you choose!

NOTE: These machines are real pieces of industrial manufacturing equipment and can cause human and property damage and even the loss of life. Take it seriously and be mindful of it. Never be afraid to look or ask for help with this type of machine. Do not leave it unattended or even plugged in when not in use. Do not allow children to use or be around the machine while in operation. Use proper PPE while operating or making adjustments. Use at your own risk!

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