How to Pack a Moving Truck Like a Pro

If you’re uncertain about packing a moving truck, there are various methods to make the most of the storage space at the back. By using this space wisely, you can avoid frequent trips between homes.

moving boxes in living room

Besides maximizing space, those who are planning a DIY move should also know how to evenly distribute the weight in the truck and use specific tools to protect their belongings. For detailed instructions on packing a moving truck like an expert, refer to our tips below. Best of luck and enjoy your move!

Recruit friends to help

Thinking about packing and loading a moving truck on your own? We strongly advise against it! Prior to your move with Marin movers, reach out to your friends and family for assistance with the loading and unloading tasks. It is never wise to attempt lifting and moving bulky furniture, boxes, and other belongings by yourself.

By doing so, not only do you risk getting injured, but you might also end up with a neverending move. Having the aid of friends and family will greatly expedite the moving process, ultimately saving you time and money on truck rental fees.

Distribute weight evenly

Ensuring an even distribution of weight in the back of a moving truck is crucial when packing. This is important for various reasons. Firstly, it helps in avoiding accidents or mishaps while loading and unloading, preventing boxes from toppling over like an avalanche. Additionally, it plays a significant role in maintaining control of the vehicle when driving on the road.

To ensure weight distribution, it is advisable to place heavier items towards the cab and against the walls of the truck. On top of that, medium-heavy items should be placed above the heavier ones, and lighter items should be placed towards the front and the very top of the truck.

Disassemble furniture

To optimize the space in the truck without helping Irvine movers and balance the weight of heavy furniture, it is recommended to disassemble all furniture pieces. This process can be initiated by removing the legs of dining tables, allowing them to be stored vertically along with the legs in the truck.

Additionally, it is advised to disassemble bed frames, headboards, desks, and dressers. In cases where it is not possible to dismantle larger furniture, storing smaller objects inside drawers or on top of the furniture can help prevent them from being crushed.

moving boxes in moving truck

Load largest and heaviest items first

Are you prepared to start loading the moving truck? Begin by prioritizing the biggest and most cumbersome items. This includes mattresses, bed frames, tables, chairs, refrigerators, washer/dryers, couches, sectionals, and coffee tables that you intend to move.

Due to their weight and dimensions, these items should be positioned at the bottom of the truck to avoid squashing and harming other boxes and possessions. Additionally, ensure that heavier items are placed towards the front of the truck, closer to the driver’s area.

moving boxes in living room no furniture

Place couches, headboards and tables in an upright position

When placed flat in a moving truck, big furniture pieces occupy more space in terms of cubic feet. To maximize space in the truck, it is advisable to stand couches, headboards, and tables in a vertical position.

Additionally, it is recommended to offer additional cushioning and safeguarding for these pieces. Moving blankets or plastic wrap can be used to shield upholstered couches and chairs. This practice not only prevents any damage to your valuable items during transportation but also safeguards your smaller boxes and possessions from being squashed.

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