15 Fun and Unique Pumpkin Decor Ideas

pumpking decor

Fall is coming! You will start to notice the high end home decor stores starting to sell $30 decorated pumpkins. Crazy right?

Here’s how to create your own…frugally!

  1. Melted Crayon Pumpkin
  2. Modge Podge Botanical Pumpkins
  3. Glam Glitter Pumpkins
  4. Pumpkin Pillows
  5. Monogrammed Pumpkins
  6. Pumpkin and Ghost Bowls
  7. Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin
  8. Pumpkin Door Hanger
  9. Pumpkins using old tights
  10. Pumpkin Topiary with lights
  11. Pumpkin Plants
  12. Pom pom Pumpkins
  13. Pumpkins with lights
  14. No carve Pumpkins
  15. Napkin Covered Pumpkins

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