5 Ways You’re Throwing Away Money

throwing away money

5 Ways You’re Throwing Away Money

It’s a fact of life that we have to spend money.  Everything we eat, use and need for our day-to-day lives costs money.  We’ve all heard that saying that nothing in life is free, and it’s the truth.  Think about the costs that you incur on a daily basis.  You spend money on gas to get to and from work, spend money on food that you eat during the day, spend money on utilities for your home…the list goes on and on.  It’s probably safe to say on average that each every day, you spend a considerable amount of money without even realizing it.  Some money is necessary to spend, and sometimes, it’s not.  There are times in life when you may be throwing your money away without even realizing it.  Think outside the box in ways that you can start saving more money.  Keep it in your pocket rather than it sprinting out the door.  Here are 5 Ways You’re Throwing Away Money!

Single Use Air Filters.  Yep, seems small, I know.  But, pay attention here.  You can actually purchase an air filter that is 100% reusable as long as you continue to take care of it properly each and every month.  How awesome to be able to reuse those air filters time and time again, never having to run to the store for a last-minute purchase when it’s time to replace.  It’s made of electrostatic fibers that actually do a better job than other air filters AND last for an extremely long time.  You literally remove it when it needs to be cleaned, spray clean it with water, let it dry then use again.  That’s it.  For the cost, it pays for itself within 6 months of the other filters.  And then, you don’t have to worry about buying another one.  Stop throwing that money away with the other air filters, and just start by throwing them away. Here are some options:

Using premium gas when your car doesn’t need require it.  Talk to your mechanic about whether or not premium gas is worth the extra cost in your car if your car doesn’t require it.  If you don’t need it and are using it, then you are spending extra money at the pump each and every time you fill up.  The choice is up to you on what to feed your car, but if you are looking for a place to stop spending that extra money, you may want to check on your fuel choices.

Paying your bank fees.  There are a ton of banks and credit unions out there that don’t charge anything for a checking or savings account.  If you have an account at a bank that is charging you just for having that account, it may be time to do some research on some other options.  Think about how it benefits you, or not, for having to pay a fee each month for having a place to just store your money until you are ready to use it.  If you see little to no value, make the change to one that you feel happier with and one that will help you save more money rather than cost you.

Buying with Credit Cards.  Not all credit cards are created equal.  There are some credit cards companies that offer great perks for cardholders. The key is to be able to use your credit card responsibly.  If you find yourself making massive purchases and then paying interest on those purchases each and every month through your credit card, you are throwing away a large portion of your money.  Credit card interest fees are notoriously high.  It can take several YEARS to pay off an amount of just a few thousand dollars due to the high-interest rates gifted to us by the credit card companies.  Try paying with cash instead or waiting until you have the money saved up for the purchase.  Interest is a black hole where the money goes, and no one ever sees again.

Not understanding how to use coupons.  Coupons can be a great thing of value.  But only when you are using those coupons to save money on items that you actually would buy.  If the coupons are enticing you to buy a more expensive brand or a brand that you wouldn’t normally buy, then there is a good chance that you are throwing your money away.  Coupons don’t always make items cheaper, so pay attention to what you will actually use if you have coupons to spend.

There are so many Ways You’re Throwing Away Money.  Look around you and think about ways that you are throwing money away without even realizing it.  Once you understand where the money is going, it’s easier to get it stopped or redirected for a better use.

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