10 Books to Get your Kid Ready for School

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The summer is slowing down and children all over the world are gearing up to head back to school. Parents are back to school shopping, kids are eyeing the latest clothes and trends that they just need to have, and teachers are working on getting their classrooms ready for that first day of class.

When it comes to the start of school, everyone tends to get ready and psyched up on their own accord. Starting your child off with a few great books to get your kid ready for school is a great idea as well because it gets them geared and prepped for reading, plus it can help answer any questions or worries that they may have about the upcoming school year. If you are looking for a few great suggestions on books to get your kid ready for school, here are 10 that are certain to be helpful.

10 Books to get your kid ready for School

  1. How to Get Your Teacher Ready. A fun and funny spin on telling kids what it takes to get their teacher ready for the first day of school. Your kids will think it’s about the teachers, but it’s helping them as well.
  2. Get Ready for School: First Grade. If you have a soon to be first grader that is a bit nervous about the upcoming year, this book is a great way to reinforce and show them exactly what they’ll be learning and exploring in the upcoming year at school.
  3. 180 Days of Reading for Third Grade. There’s no better time to read, then now. Have your child get ready for school by committing to reading more.
  4. 240 Vocabulary Words that Kids Need to Know.  It’s always a good time to expand your child’s vocabulary. With this educational book, they’ll be ready for school without any issues.
  5. I Don’t Want to Go to School. Every child will have those moments of pre-school starting jitters. This book can help address some of those fears and thoughts and turn them around to help make their first day of school and the many days that follow, great.
  6. The School Year Will Be the Best! Give your child a reason to be excited for the upcoming school year with this amazing book.
  7. First Day Jitters. This relatable book is perfect for helping your little one get rid of those first day jitters. They’ll love reading this over and over again.
  8. Daily Math Practice, Grade 4. It’s always a good idea to have some refresher Math for your kiddo before the first day of school. With this practice book, they’ll be ready in no time.
  9. Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out. Teach your little ones that math can be fun as well as educational with this super interactive and educational book.
  10. How Many Guinea Pigs Can Fit on a Plane? It’s a legit question that your child may be wondering. With this book, you and your child can find out the answer to this fun question and so many more.

The above suggestions are great books to get your kid ready for school. All they need is some funny options, sprinkled in with a bit of learning, and they’ll be ready for their first day back in no time. Not only are these book options versatile and fun to read, but they can help get over those first day of school jitters as well.

Take some time and read a few of these options with your child. It will help them to have a smoother transition with less stress for that first day of school. Plus, it’s a great way to bond together as well.

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