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The so-called “Super Lice” have invaded our little city and it seems like everyone is fighting them these days. It seems even the Rid products don’t work on the mutant lice. Not too mention, they are expensive and insanely unhealthy!!

My son got lice once before and it was a nightmare. I tried everything to avoid using chemicals – tea tree oil, mayonnaise, blow drying. You name it, I tried it. I eventually gave in and used the Rid treatment because he was missing too much school and we had to do something. That didn’t work so we shaved his head. He wasn’t happy about that.

Well my kiddo got them again and my friend referred me to the LiceGuard Comb. This is the greatest thing ever!

lice guard

The trick is there are two situations – one you need your kid free of lice to return to school (gotta pass the inspection) OR you just want the lice gone. The LiceGuard Comb won’t get rid of all of the nits but you can use it to get rid of lice completely. If just depends on your situation. Here’s how I found to solve this annoying problem.

If you need your kiddo cleared for school…

  1. Wash all bedding in HOT water. Sorry must be done 🙁
  2. Use the LiceGuard Comb to zap any live lice.  When you turn the comb on, you should hear a constant buzzing sound. As you slowly comb through DRY hair, you will hear the buzz stop. This means you have found a lice/nit. A lice bug, piece of dandruff, blanket fuzz, knot of hair, etc. will break the circuit – anything that touches 2 or more tines at once will do so.
  3. When you hear the buzzing stop, slowly pull the comb all the way out of the hair. In order to clear the circuit and start the buzzing again, you have to clear the tines. The comb comes with a little nylon brush. I stand by the sink and brush out the tines and splash a little water into the sink to wash the bugs down the drain. I wanted these icky things GONE!
    **IMPORTANT** do not rinse the LiceGuard Comb under water, always use a dry bristle brush on the Robi comb to knock the bugs, etc. loose.
  4. When you hear the buzzing start again you know that the comb is ready to zap and you can start combing again.
  5. Continue this process until you are able to comb pretty quickly through the whole head without the buzzing getting interrupted.
  6. At this point, there will still be eggs and nits on the head because the comb will only get the bigger adults and some of the larger eggs.
  7. I wet his head and use a comb like THIS ONE to get as many eggs/nits a possible.
  8. Blow dry the hair.
  9. Repeat steps 1-7 until they are all gone.

If you don’t need your kiddo cleared for school…

Do not waste your time continuing to pick out nits and eggs…it truly isn’t necessary. Here is the key to the LiceGuard Comb working, you repeat this routine daily for two weeks. What you are doing is killing the bugs as they grow larger but before they grow large enough to reproduce and lay new eggs. So every day, the eggs remaining on the head continue to hatch, the remaining nits will continue to grow, and you are just “weeding” out the colony until nothing is left…everyday the combing process should get quicker and quicker because there are fewer bugs left.

You MUST continue the combing regimen daily for 2 weeks because it can take that long for all of the eggs to hatch and grow, and you don’t want to leave a single bug on the head. By the third or fourth day, you probably will not find any adults at all but just continue the daily combing until the 2 weeks is up. The first day of combing would usually take us 15-20 minutes if it was a bad infestation, and then every day thereafter was maybe 5-10 minutes tops.

Other preventative solutions:

Tea Tree Oil – I put a few drops of this in my hair de-tangler and I have yet to get lice. I sprayed my son’s head every few days for close to a year and he had no issues. I stopped and he got them. I am kind of a believer that this works really well as a deterrent. It doesn’t seem to help get rid of them but they don’t seem to like it so they stay away. Which is even better!

Hair Gel – My hubby uses gel every day and we think it has kept him from getting them. Lice don’t seem to like thick substances – they suffocate. Makes sense and seems to work as another deterrent. Again – I would rather deter them, then deal with them!

What have you found that works?




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