Upcycled Halloween Costume Ideas

upcycled halloween costumes

Upcycled Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me, you hate spending a lot on a costume. If you’re short on time or money, why not try making your own costume out of recycled materials? Here are some easy and creative ideas to get you started…

diy dr seuss costume one fish two fish

DIY Dr Seuss Costume {One Fish Two Fish}

Looking for an easy DIY Dr Seuss costume?  Learn how to create a super easy and inexpensive costume for One Fish Two Fish!

how to make a wizard hat free template

How to Make a Wizard Hat [Free Template]

Learn how you can make a wizard hat out of paper with supplies you already have at home with this fun craft. Your kids will love wearing their wizard hat and perform magic!

how to make a hippie costume for halloween

How To Make A Hippie Costume For Halloween

If you decide to be a hippie for Halloween, making a DIY hippie costume is fun, inexpensive, and allows you to express your personality and creativity. My ideas can work for either a hippie couple costume, a hippie girl costume, a hippie boy costume, a hippie man or woman costume. Tie-dye T-shirt, homemade bell-bottom hippie jeans, pins, a headband, and other accessories will complete this homemade hippie costume! Learn How To Make A Hippie Costume For Halloween with our simple and easy tips!

diy box robot costume

DIY Box Robot Costume

Got a kid that wants to be a robot? Use this simple tutorial to create one out of things around the house!

easy no sew diy gnome costume

Easy No-Sew DIY Gnome Costume

This quick and easy no-sew gnome costume will be a win with any kid. Make it any color you want and add different props to create fun ones like Goofy Gnome, Beach Gnome, and more!

duct tape skeleton costume

Duct Tape Skeleton Costume

Duct tape is your lifesaver when it comes to Halloween costumes. This super easy spiderweb costume made from duct tape, and the bullseye costume and prisoner costume; all of which are made from duck tape.

buffy the vampire slayer costume


Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume is fun and easy to make using stuff around the house!

Need more Halloween Costume ideas?

diy peter pan's shadow costume

DIY Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume

Looking for a creative, simple, no-sew Halloween costume?  Make this easy Peter Pan Shadow costume in just a few minutes!  It’s the perfect costume idea for any Disney or Peter Pan fan.

an olaf dress up costume to say awwww over

An Olaf Dress Up Costume to Say “Awwww” Over

Make this adorable Olaf dress up costume! We’ve made many dress up costumes and share our free patterns and proven beginner sewing tutorials to walk you through it step-by-step.

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