Free Printable Dorm Room Essentials Checklist

Knock knock. It’s that time again, folks!

First day of school is getting close (sniffle), and you’re still wildly flailing about trying to figure out what you need for your dorm room. Don’t worry – I’ve got your back.

I’m coming through with a list of HUGE list of dorm room essentials for your college student. Here’s a Dorm Room Essentials PDF you can download, print out, and take with you when you’re shopping for your new dorm essentials too!

Odd Dorm Essential Highlights

Our checklist includes a lot of the basics that every room needs and some more unusual ones that people may not think of!

What you ask is something weird a college kid may need? Here are some of our favorites…

Earplugs – Holy cow! People actually thought I was joking when I told them that their first week in college would be a rude awakening to how loud people can get. Earplugs are my best friends at night now because of this one little fact. Make sure you get the good ones; they’re cheap and will save your sanity.

Electrical tape – Now that you don’t have Mommy or Daddy around to fix things, expect something in your room to break. Electrical tape is great for little things like this.

Flashlights – This one really surprised me when I got to college. It’s not until you try turning on the light switch in your dorm room that you realize how often the electricity goes out in a storm, and it gets dark in a hurry once it’s out.

Laundry basket – Because who will do your laundry for you? There’s a reason these are on the list, folks. Do yourself a favor and get one now to avoid having to borrow other people’s clean clothes.

Extra hangers – I’m not sure why, but it seems like the people who are assigned to the rooms in my dorms never have enough hangers. Maybe it’s because they don’t use them, or maybe all their stuff doesn’t fit on one. Either way, now that you’ve got a laundry basket, you’ll want to get some extra hangers as well.

See our full Dorm Room Essentials List Here >>

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