How To Plan A Frugal (But Awesome) Baby Shower

How to Plan a Frugal (But Awesome) Baby Shower

Once you get the Baby Registry done, then comes the fun part…the shower!

Planning a baby shower can be overwhelming enough but when you’re trying to plan a frugal baby shower, it can be hard to find things to do that are within your budget. These baby shower ideas are the perfect way to spice up your frugal baby shower!

1. Find frugal games!
Instead of buying games, find some that you can put together with household or minimal items! There are tons of free baby shower games and a quick Google or Pinterest search will turn up tons of fun ideas for your baby shower! These free printable baby shower games are a great resource if you want some easy and fun printable games!

2. Consider having a pot luck!
If you’re having a fairly large baby shower and don’t have the budget to feed everyone, consider having a pot luck! People generally don’t mind bringing a dish and it gives everyone a chance to show off their cooking skills, exchange recipes, and have a variety of food at your shower! It also results in less clean up for you and if there is an abundance of leftover food, everyone can take it home so you’re not running out of room in your refrigerator.

3. Check for sales on decorations.
Between sales on decorations at regular stores and dollar stores, you should be able to find some decent decorations for cheap! You’d be surprised what you’re able to find for a good price and you can save a lot of money by getting your decorations for cheap.

4. Have a diaper raffle.
Stocking up on diapers before baby comes is a great way to be frugal! While you have to purchase a gift, something small like movie tickets or a gift card to Starbucks could suffice and by encouraging people to bring diapers, you’re setting yourself up to save money later! If you end up with too many diapers in a certain size, you can usually take them back to the store and exchange for the next size up. By doing that, you could potentially have a nice diaper stockpile that will last for months to come!

5. Have the baby shower at your house!
If you’re planning a frugal baby shower, consider hosting it at your house versus a restaurant or other venue. You’ll save a lot of money by not having to reserve or put a security deposit down somewhere and ultimately you’ll be a lot more comfortable in your own home!


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